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15 Best Floating Shelves Reviews in 2023

Interior Decor Product Reviews

Living in a tight space? Worry no more of space! Here are 15 of the best floating wall mounted shelves to accommodate for more in less space!

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Having the best floating shelves as part of your home décor offers more than just aesthetic value to your home. They keep your home better organized while taking up less space. With the right floating shelf in your home, you get better ambiance for tiny houses, homes, and offices.

Floating shelves can help you create unique and stylish designs on the wall. You can have your shelves anywhere in your home or office. More so, you can pick from various floating shelf designs to create exquisite displays in the office or home, turning your living room, office, bedroom, kitchen or garage into a showroom while storing things neatly.

With plenty of options out there, it can be messy to pick the right floating shelf. So we have done the research, and here are the top 15 wall mounted floating shelves for your different shelving needs —

15 Best Floating Shelves In Review

Preview Products Details
Best White
WELLAND Vista Floating Wall Shelves
Dimension: Varies
Buy on Amazon
Best Invisible
STORAGE MANIAC 4-Pack Bookshelf
Dimension: 6.38″ W x 4.96″ D x 4.57″ H
Buy on Amazon
Best For Bathrooms
SODUKU Wall Mount Shelves
Dimension: 16.53″ W X 5.83 ” D
Buy on Amazon
Best Glass
Fab Glass and Mirror Clear Floating Shelf
Dimension: Varies
Buy on Amazon
Best Rustic
SRIWATANA 2-Tier Floating Shelves
Dimension: 23.5 ” W x 15.6 ” H
Buy on Amazon
Best Black
Ballucci Mail Holder and Coat Key Rack Wall Shelf
Dimension: 24 ” W x 4.25 ” D x6 ” H
Buy on Amazon
BarnwoodUSA Rustic Shelves
Dimension: Varies
Buy on Amazon
Joel’s Antiques Rustic Wooden Shelf
Dimension: Varies
Buy on Amazon
Best For Corners
WELLAND Phoenix Corner Shelf
Buy on Amazon
Adorn Home Essentials Decorative Zig Zag Shelf
Dimension: 7.75″ W X 7.75″ D X 48″ H
Buy on Amazon
Best Heavy-Duty
DIY CARTEL Industrial Heavy Duty Shelf
Dimension: 36″ W X 9″ D x 10″ H
Buy on Amazon
iHEBE Adhesive Bathroom Shelf
Dimension: 12.8″ W x 5.1″ D
Buy on Amazon
Festnight Floating Display Shelf
Dimension: 19″ W x 9.8″ D x 3.1″ H
Buy on Amazon
Best With Drawer
WELLAND Wall Mount Shelf
Dimension: 24.5″ W x 6″ D x 4.75″ H
Buy on Amazon
Best Cube Shelf
MELANNCO Wall Mount Shelves
Dimension: Varies
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… And here follow the detailed reviews of each one of these shelves. Enjoy!

  1. WELLAND Vista Floating Wall Shelf – Best White Floating Shelf

** This product is currently not available.**

Welland Vista floating shelf presents one of the best floating shelves with a simple but unique appearance. Being made from laminated MDF wood with a brilliant white finish increases the aesthetic value of the Welland floating wall shelf. With a neutral color, the Welland shelf becomes compatible with any color in your home. 

The Welland Vista shelf does take less space since it has dimensions of 24” W x 3 1/2” D x 2” H. For a shelf depth of 2 3/5 inches, the Welland Vista floating shelf has enough space to cater to your book storage or artwork display. It also fits perfectly into your kitchen storage needs. And when you need to display toiletries and other body care products, the Welland floating shelf has enough room to keep your bathroom tidy.

With such ergonomic designs, the Welland photo shelves come in a U-shape structure. This helps ensure each item on the shelf is protected from slipping. You get all the installation tools required for easy assembling of the floating shelf, so there is one less thing to worry about.

The Pros
  • Ideal multipurpose shelf
  • Requires only a few minutes to install
  • Incorporates well-structured U-shape for safety
  • Ample display and storage space
  • Provides excellent aesthetic value
The Cons
  • No color options
  1. STORAGE MANIAC 4-Pack Invisible Floating Bookshelf – Best Invisible Shelf

** This product is currently not available.**

The Storage Maniac rustless invisible floating shelves can help keep your space more organized using these 4 distinct shelves to store up books. It offers a unique opportunity to turn any dull wall space within your office, living room or bedroom to good use. You can stack your books on display without the shelf being noticeable. 

With dimension of 6.38” x 4.96” x 4.57″ inches, these rustless invisible shelves could be organized to occupy less space in your home. Using white coating and neutral color, the shelf helps brighten up your home or office to blend easily with other designs. You have the freedom to display artworks, pot plants, DVDs, etc. of up to 15 lbs on the Storage Maniac. With the top-grade steel used in its manufacture, the shelf guarantees sturdiness even for heavy materials without bulking. 

The Storage Maniac has a simplistic design with all installation tools included for seamless mounting. 

The Pros
  • Anti-rust shelves guarantee more durability
  • Invisible floating shelves, does not look cluttered
  • These shelves occupy less space
  • Easy to install
  • Can serve multiple functions
  • Simple ergonomic design
  • Top-grade steel for better sturdiness
The Cons
  • No color options
  • Plastic anchors cannot stand much weight
  1. SODUKU Wall Mount Floating Shelves – Best Bathroom Shelf

** This product is currently not available.**

We like the Sudoku floating shelf mount as one of the best bathroom floating shelves due to its excellent features for display and storage purposes. This well-thought-of floating shelf gives room for creativity in display or storage function. 

Its brilliant wood color offers you the choice of a brown or carbonized black rustic wood to match your home designs. The architectural design using the Sudoku rustic board and metal frames provides more protection to avoid any slips. And if the item is slightly heavy, the Sudoku floating shelves can take up to 30 lbs. of weight.

The Sudoku floating shelf also comes with a quality warranty and refund policy in case of issues with your purchase.

The Pros
  • Available in brown or carbonized black color
  • Multi-use floating shelf
  • High-quality damp-proof and heat-resistant wood shelf
  • Features sleek metal band to prevent item slips
  • Offers ample display space
  • Sturdy but detachable towel holder for mounting anywhere
  • Installation hardware inclusive
The Cons
  • Does not have pre-drilled holes
  • Only suitable or lightweight items
  • Wood finishing still requires a bit of coating to improve aesthetics
  1. Fab Glass and Mirror Clear Floating Shelf – Best Glass Shelf

** This product is currently not available.**

Fab Glass and Mirror adds two exceptional benefits to your home or office. Your home can acquire a classier and trendy look while trying to keep things organized. A single glass floating shelf can serve as a compact display shelf and a storage rack. You can create beautiful scenery and still maximize your space.

The Fab Glass preserves the invisibility of the floating shelves with well-concealed screws. And the two exquisite peacock chrome brackets help maintain the tempered glass’s sturdiness. Each peacock Chrome bracket is made from top grade die-cast zinc alloy. 

There are at least five available sizes of Fab Glass to pick from depending on your display and storage needs. If requiring more space, you can opt for the 6” x 18” to 8” x 36” to get the required space. Whatever your choice, try to stay around 35 lbs. weight to avoid excess weight on the Fab Glass and Mirror shelf. Whatever your case, the Fab Glass and Mirror floating shelf will help transform any dull area into a radiant corner. 

The Pros
  • Top-grade tempered glass shelf
  • It has a flat and well-rounded surface edge for safety
  • You have various sizes to pick from
  • Excellent shelf for different homes or office use
  • Easy to install shelf
  • Excellent 10 mm thick glass shelf for storage purpose
  • Classy shelf for home décor 
The Cons
  • Offers limited storage with just one shelf
  • Does not come with pre-installed screw holes
  1. SRIWATANA 2-Tier Floating Shelves – Best Rustic

** This product is currently not available.**

When scouting for a genuine rustic wood shelf, the SRIWATANA 2-Tier Floating Wall Mount Shelf fits the description easily. Its rustic, natural wood with a beautiful grain offers the weathered grey or carbonized black color option just perfect for your home. Whether it is your kitchen, living room, office, bedroom or bathroom that needs a re-definition, the SRIWATANA shelf can do the magic. It is made from solid paulownia wood as well as powder-coated metal brackets. What you get is a rustic shelf with a touch of elegance. 

This shelf has all it takes to spice up your living space. It offers an upper and lower shelf for display or storage of award, pot plant, books, etc. and will hold as much as 50 lbs. Also, with a shelf depth of 10.3 inches vertical spacing, you sure have enough space to hold up your displays with this rustic shelf. 

kitchen floating shelf

The SRIWATANA 2-Tier Floating Wall Mount Shelves is just the perfect gift item for a special friend or loved one at any time of the year. And rest assured, your gift would be well-appreciated. Each order enjoys a 30-day refund or replacement policy in case there are issues. It also comes with an instructional manual for easy and quick installation. 

The Pros
  • Excellent space manager
  • Easy to install
  • Serves multipurpose use in the home or office
  • High quality, sturdy wood & metal shelf
  • Provides great aesthetic value
  • Compatible with different locations in the home
  • Natural wood & coated-metal guarantees durability
  • It’s lightweight but can carry much weight
The Cons
  • Not a perfect choice for a tiny hallway
  • A non-moisture-friendly shelf
  • User needs to drill screw holes before installation
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  1. Ballucci Mail Holder and Coat Key Rack Wall Shelf – Best Black Shelf

** This product is currently not available.**

Balluchi Mail holder and Coat Key rack wall shelf is a great option on the list. It’s a great fit for entryways. With the excellent features included in the Balluchi Mail holder, it becomes easy to organize your car or house keys, mails, etc. This unique shelf is the best place to keep any item within reach when stepping in or out of your apartment.

So, if you need a single piece of furniture that combines aesthetics and helps manage space efficiently, it should be the Balluchi floating shelf. At 15 lbs. the Balluchi Mail holder is light enough to fit any small space without much burden. Having 24” x 4.2” x 6” dimension also means no obstruction in tiny hallways. What makes the shelf all the more unique is its additional sturdy but flat display surface for books, cosmetics, or flower vase. 

wall decorative shelf

The Balluchi shelf provides efficient space to stack multiple items without creating clutter or reducing the aesthetic value. It is designed as a one-stop spot for your personal effects and more. 

Since the Balluchi is made from MDF wood, you enjoy durable furniture. When it’s time for mount, there would be no need to assemble as the shelf comes pre-installed. In a matter of minutes, you can mount the shelf on the wall using the included screws while following the instructional guide.

The Pros
  • Handmade shelve by Balluchi furniture experts
  • Great coat finish complements most home décor
  • Easy to mount pre-installed shelf
  • Comes with installation hardware and guide
  • Serves multiple functions
  • Solid MDF wood and Balluchi craftsmanship guarantees sturdiness
The Cons
  • Mail holder cannot hold large-sized mails
  • Instructional manual is not detailed enough
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  1. BarnwoodUSA Rustic Shelves – Another Great Rustic

** This product is currently not available.**

Several factors make the Barnwood USA’s shelf the best choice for rustic lovers. Barnwood rustic shelves offer users an eco-friendly triangular floating shelf to add patterns, class, and style while managing limited home space. You get a set of 3 floating shelves of different dimensions to create unique concepts for storage and display purpose. From the smallest to the biggest, the shelves are 9” x 5.75, 11.5” x 6.75” and 13.5” x 7.75” long respectively.

With at least 3 shades of wood color, you can pick the color shade that blends with your home or office design. With different available colors, patterns, and sizes of floating shelves, your home décor gets the touch of class it deserves. Barnwood USA rustic shelf meets your home or office needs for displays, book stacking, kitchen supply or storage. 

Other exciting ways to use the Barnwood USA shelf is to display your plants in the balcony, trinkets, and decorative items in the bedroom. The rustic shelf can spice up your bathroom when you display toiletries with it or organize work tools in the garage. With the inclusion of hangers in the package, installing the Barnwood USA rustic shelf becomes easy. 

The Pros
  • Meets the need for a rustic shelf appeal
  • Uses 100% recycled wood
  • Multiple sizes to select from
  • Different wood color choice for appropriate ambiance
  • Sturdy and top-grade wood shelves
  • Great Farmhouse aesthetic additions to the home
The Cons
  • It has limited functionality
  • Slight color difference from the pictures
  • Not appropriate for bulky items
  1. Joel’s Antiques 48″ Rustic Wooden Shelf

** This product is currently not available.**

When it comes to floating shelves, durability of the item proves to be of great concern. Nobody wants to have his or her decorative items fall off the shelf and get shattered into pieces. With Joel’s Antiques rustic wooden shelf, you can rest assured that such incidents are extremely unlikely to happen, as it is a great industrial heavy duty floating shelf. The shelf is handcrafted from solid pine, all in the US, so you can rest assured of its quality. Being made of wood, this floating shelf is a great fit for rustic decors.

If you are thinking of the difficulties involved in installing the item, Joel’s Antiques won’t disappoint you. The shelf has hidden brackets that keep it firmly placed to the wall. And to make things easy for you, the manufacturers have included all the necessary hardwares, and instructions, along with videos showing you how to install the item without much hussle.

To make things even easier for you, if you need to install it to a brick/stone wall, Joel’s Antiques will be there to install it for you, free of charge.

If you are looking for a heavy duty floating shelf, look no further than the Joel’s Antiques 48″ rustic wooden shelf.

The Pros
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from solid pine wood
  • Perfect fit for rustic settings
  • Offers free installation to brick or stone walls
  • Very easy to install
The Cons
  • The brackets do not come pre-drilled
  • The design may not be a good fit for contemporary settings
  1. WELLAND Phoenix Corner Shelf – Best For Corners

** This product is currently not available.**

The Welland 17 inch big size Phoenix corner shelf offers a unique color variant of espresso, white, or black to pick from. What makes the Welland Phoenix shelf one of the best in class is its compatibility with multiple devices. It gives you a sturdy shelf to store up your cable box, Xbox, game console, DVD players, TV accessories, routers, etc. 

The laminate and composite wood, as well as the waterproof feel of the Welland corner shelf, help make it longer-lasting while offering exceptional aesthetic values. So, for dull corner spaces in the home or office, the Welland Phoenix is just what you need to lighten things up.

Shelves of these dimensions are perfect for space management without defacing your apartment or causing an obstruction. The Welland shelf has dimensions of 17 ¼: x 17 ¼” x 14” and a weighted-capacity of 30 lbs. to make it perfect even for small living spaces.

It comes with complete instructional manual and hardware to easily install the shelf on the wall. 

The Pros
  • Made from eco-friendly wood
  • Three room-compatible wood color designs
  • Great for displaying multiple devices
  • Easy to install shelf mount
  • Ergonomic design with defined curves
  • Sturdy wall mount
The Cons
  • Instructional manual lack depth
  • Only suitable for 90 degrees corner shelf needs
  1. Adorn Home Essentials Decorative Zig Zag Shelves – Another great option for corners

** This product is currently not available.**

What makes Adorn 5-tier Zig-Zag corner wall shelf exceptional is its unique design, aesthetic value, and storage capacity. If storage is of your concern, with as much as five tier storage space, this minimalist Zig-zag shelf will prove to be one of the best floating shelves for the corners of your home or office. It helps create value out of dull home corners using this eco-friendly furniture.

Adorn 5-tier corner wall shelf is made from high-quality MDF and laminate materials hence you enjoy a sturdy and durable corner shelf. Being 5-tier gives you more room to store or display multiple gadgets; videos, DVDs, books, decorations, awards, etc. So, you have one less reason to worry about where certain items are located in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room. With dimensions set at 7.75” x 7.75” x 48 inches and 10 lbs. weight, Adorn 5-tier corner shelf is light and appropriate for small spaces.

The Pros
  • Offers lots of storage as it is a 5-tier shelf
  • Ideal for dull corners
  • Made from eco-friendly, MDF and laminate wood
  • Safe and rounded wood with no sharp edges
  • Perfect choice for organizing home or office corner
  • Easy to assemble
  • Features elegant white finish
The Cons
  • Only perfect as corner shelves
  • Ideal mostly for small items due to smaller tier spaces
  1. DIY CARTEL Industrial Heavy Duty Floating Shelf – Best Heavy Duty Floating Shelf

** This product is currently not available.**

DIY Cartel floating U/C shelf is one of US finest heavy-duty shelf ideal for office or home use. If you need a minimalist shelf with sturdiness and capacity as much as 60 lbs. then it’s the DIY Cartel industrial heavy duty floating shelf. This shelf is suitable for ample space reorganization to store up heavy household items. But when you need to keep your books, paintings, porcelain, etc. on display without losing the room’s ambiance, then DIY Cartel’s shelf becomes handy. 

It offers an excellent choice for sorting kitchen supplies for storage and easy access. With a dimension of 36” x 9” x 10,” the DIY Cartel’s shelf can accommodate average-sized items to include game box, DVD player, etc.

It takes just a few minutes to install the DIY Cartel. Since it comes with the pre-installed wall mount holes, even a DIY beginner can install the shelf within minutes. It incorporates a professionally ergonomic design using raw steel and advanced powder coating to create the appeal and space management. The carefully crafted black shelf becomes immediately conspicuous in your space, adding aesthetic value in organizing your home or office.

DIY Cartel offers that you a risk-free purchase, so order and try out this heavy floating wall mount shelf. Your order comes with a replacement or full refund in line with return policy in case you are not satisfied with the order.

The Pros
  • Multipurpose floating shelf
  • Offers large storage space area
  • Heavy-duty floating shelf
  • Safe and sanded edges to reduce accidental injuries
  • Easy and quick to mount since it comes pre-installed
  • Constructed to industrial standard for durability & sturdiness
  • Has already fitted screw holes
The Cons
  • No mounting hardware included in the pack
  1. iHEBE Adhesive Bathroom Shelf – Another Great Shelf For Bathrooms

** This product is currently not available.**

The iHebe’s Adhesive shelf presents yet another great floating shelf for bathrooms with excellent aesthetic values for your bathrooms. You can use this shelf even in your kitchen or bedroom. You get to select from four exciting color variants to make your home corner look sleek and elegant. With the 5 plastic adjustable hooks your kitchen or bathroom accessories like scissors, sponge, etc. become better organized.

The inclusion of the drawer-like jewelry container is a brilliant way to have your jewelry pieces or hair accessories in a single location. Having the phone tray as an additional throw-in can help spice up your space, keeping you connected anywhere within your home.

One major reason the iHEBE Adhesive shelf is must-have is due to the ease of installation. It requires no wall or surface drilling or need for tools. Simply stick the shelf to a smooth surface and you are done in a few minutes.

Each order of the Adhesive floating shelf comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee in line with the return policy.

The Pros
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Easy to install Adhesive floating shelf
  • Three exciting colors to pick from
  • No damage is done to the wall or any other surface
  • Great floating shelf for limited spaces
  • Excellent water-friendly floating shelf
  • Fits into multiple spaces in your home
  • Could be put to multiple uses at home
The Cons
  • Adhesives might wear out if heavy items are put on top
  1. Festnight Floating Wall Display Shelves

** This product is currently not available.**

The Festnight floating wall shelves serve as a decorative piece and floating storage furniture. It is a minimalist floating shelf with a simplistic and ergonomic design but adds great value to your living space. 

With the single shelf drawer, you can have some of your important items in a single location to avoid the hustle of looking for when in need. Alternatively, the Festnight floating shelf can serve as a storage for important documents, DVDs or personal items. With a dimension of 19” x 9.8” x 3.1″, the shelf could help light up any dull location in your home without creating a clutter. You do not have to miss any item anymore with the Festnight floating shelf.

The top of the floating shelf can also add aesthetic value to your home when you display porcelain, pot plant, clock, awards, home décor, etc. 

With the MDF and matte finish, the Festnight floating shelf gives a modern touch to your home with a durable and sturdy floating shelf.

The Pros
  • Well-hidden screws to increase invisibility
  • Made with Matte finish, improving the aesthetic value
  • Exceptional, sturdy and durable floating shelf
  • Well-developed shelf for durability using High-quality MDF wood
  • Small and sleek floating shelf for tiny spaces
  • Adaptable for different uses within the home
The Cons
  • Comes with limited color options and size
  1. WELLAND Wall Mount Floating Shelves – Best With Drawer

** This product is currently not available.**

Welland has a reputation for building high-quality products with great aesthetic value. If you want hidden storage in your shelf, this Welland shelf will be a great option for you. Because it is one of the best floating shelves with drawers. The two drawers provide excellent storage space for your items, books, and important documents. Also, the open shelf space gives you an interesting area for displaying your favorite artworks, relics, awards, etc. Therefore, even with limited space you could stay organized and trendy using the Welland floating shelf.

With a shelf dimension of 24.5” L x 6” D x 4.75” H, the shelf offers ample space to store up items. You can keep your phone, books, keys and other collectibles neat and well-tucked away and enjoy the aesthetic values.

The Welland floating shelf is made of solid MDF for the furniture quality so you get a durable experience. 

The Pros
  • Solid MDF wood for sturdiness
  • Two- drawer space provides trim space management
  • Easy to mount for invisibility with screws and connectors
  • Designed with storage needs in mind
  • Can be installed in multiple settings
  • Offers dual-functions: open display and storage
The Cons
  • Not suitable for heavy-weighted items
  1. MELANNCO Floating Wall Mount Shelves – Best Cube Shelves

** This product is currently not available.**

Melannco floating square cubes shelves offers simple but classy shelves with excellent features to qualify as top rated floating shelves. The shelf comes in black cubes of different sizes. You have the option of displaying each cube separately or link them to form an exciting blend. Having the shelves as separate items allows you to place the shelves in strategic locations to spice up your room. 

 You can display items of different sizes on each shelf to serve as a storage shelf and decorative piece. With a shelf depth of 3 to 5 inches, you have ample space to play around with, arranging porcelain, books, collectibles, etc.

So, whether in the office or home, you can display your square cube shelves on the table, wall, or just about anywhere. 

The Pros
  • Easy and quick shelf mounting
  • Three cubes come in different sizes for display and storage needs
  • Uses high-grade MDF wood for sturdiness
  • Comes with all installation tools
  • Exciting black finish blends with any design
The Cons
  • Only holds light-weighted objects

Best Floating Shelves: Frequently Asked Questions 

wall shelf, clock, and plant

What are floating shelves?

Floating shelves are attractive pieces or shelves normally placed on the wall or other surfaces without any visible support. They are used as decorative or storage pieces. In most cases, the support base or wall anchors and screws are invisible to make them look like they have no suspension.

kitchen and shelf

What are floating shelves used for?

Floating shelves help organize personal items, books, jewelry, display items, kitchen utensils, etc. They accommodate for more things in less space as they hang on the wall. With the right floating shelf, your bedroom, living room, kitchen, garage, or office gets a lift.

wall decorative shelf

How do you attach floating shelves to plaster walls?

Hanging a floating shelf on a plaster wall could be a bit tasking. This is because plaster walls are brittle, thick and hard. A poorly done job will show your shelf dropping like a pack of cards without warning. So, to avoid that here is what to do:

  • Get the right tools including a driller, measuring tape, and floating shelves accessories.
  • Measure where to hang the shelves.
  • Measure the exact height, length, and breadth of the floating shelves
  • Take a marking of each hole on the plaster using the floating shelves’ measurement.
  • Pilot drill the hole to be sure of accuracy and whether it is hollow
  • If the first drill went successfully then drill each marked hole.
  • Insert the plastic anchor into each hole firmly.
  • Ensure the wall anchors are firmly fixed so as to guarantee sturdiness.
flower on wall shelf

How do you anchor floating shelves?

It’s always best to attach floating shelves to a wall stud for a stronger base. To check for stud you need a stud finder. It is a device that detects metals in the wall. But if you are to anchor the floating shelves where there are no studs, investigate to see if it is drywall (hollow) or plaster walls. The type of wall will determine what materials you need for installation.


  • Take a measurement of the shelf and the area to place the shelf.
  • Use a pencil to draw a line and use the level to confirm if the line is straight.
  • Use the hand drill to create the pilot holes.
  • Place the hollow anchors into each hole as shown in the shelf’s instructional manual.
  • Position the wall brackets properly into the pilot holes containing the anchors.
  • Use a screwdriver to secure the bracket to the wall firmly.
  • Place shelves on the bracket.
wall shelf and flower

How high should you hang floating shelves?

Several factors determine the average height of floating shelves. The right height will give room for simplicity and order. It also helps accentuate the aesthetic value of the home without creating a clutter. But different locations and floating shelves require different heights. Therefore, do the following:

  • The hallway should be about 5 to 6 feet from above the floor.
  • The dining or living room should be 4 or 4 ½ feet from the floor.
  • Hanging above a couch, it should be 10 to 15 inches from the back. This will mark the bottom end of the floating shelf.
kitchen shelf and utensils

Final Thoughts

We hope taking you through the list of top 15 best floating shelves has been helpful. Now, you should have a clearer picture before making a purchase decision for a floating shelf. Several factors will determine your choice of a floating shelf. Whatever those factors are, the above list of shelves offers something for everyone. The best shelves will cater to your need for a sturdy, ergonomic, durable or aesthetic value-laden product. The ideal floating shelve is a great way to organize your space, improve the outlook of your home and make your dull space come alive. Besides, a good floating shelf makes you trendy without creating a dent in your pocket. So, have fun when shopping for a floating shelf.

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