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Best Ceiling Fans For Bedroom — Fans That Look Great In 2019

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Ceiling fans turn out to be very helpful in those extremely hot days in summer. Finding the best ceiling fans can be daunting at times. So we've done the research for you and here are the best ceiling fans for your bedroom.

The job of the ceiling fans is to circulate the air to keep the rooms from getting stuffy during the warm months. All the ceiling fans can get their job done. However, choosing the right ceiling fan involves making many decisions about various factors like room size, fan size, design, and budget.

Energy Star has revealed reports that provide you with a set of recommendation for the ceiling fan diameter. Other than this, they have also recommended that the fans should be installed about 7 feet from the floor but having the fan at 8 to 9 feet is the best for stimulating airflow.

How do you know the best ceiling fans that will suit you and your needs? Today, we will solve this confusion for you by giving you product reviews of the best nine ceiling fans. Other than this, you can also read through our buying guide to make the best decisions. Read on to find out!

1. Westinghouse Harmony Indoor Ceiling Fan – Best Modern Looking Fan

Energy Usage55.5 watts (without light)
Airflow4,610.9 cfm (High)
Airflow Efficiency83 cfm per watt (High)
WarrantyLifetime (motor), two-year (all other parts)
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A show-stopping centerpiece, the Harmony indoor ceiling fan from Westinghouse brings a modern touch and look to your home. This fan has a stunning design which has a unique maple blade which has a finish of brushed nickel and a frosted glass light fixture.

The Harmony is best for a room size of 144 square feet and has a reversible switch for both hot and cold weather. You can turn the fan anti-clockwise to stay cool during summers and run it clockwise during winters to recirculate warm air which eliminates cold spots.

  • Two lightweight 48 inches blade ideal for a room size of 144 square feet.
  • Has airflow of 4881 cfm with an airflow efficiency of 92 cfm per watt.
  • It has 4 fan speeds and a reversible switch for using it all year round.
  • A lifetime warranty on the motor and a two year warranty for all the other parts.
The Good
  • An attractive and stylish fan with a great finish.
  • It has a great airflow which can be used for both summer and winter seasons.
  • The airflow is ideal for a 144 square feet room keeping everyone in the house satisfied.
Not So Good
  • The fan may develop some loud noise within some days of use. However, the noise also disappears on its own after a few days.
  • You have to deal with a dim light here.
Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a fan that is stylish and will add a modern look to your house, then look no further than the Harmony indoor ceiling fan by Westinghouse. Having a great airflow with a reversible switch, it is a perfect fan for both summer and winter. Check on Amazon

2. Emerson Modern Ceiling Fan

Blade Diameter30 inch
Wattage42 watts
Air Flow Capacity2278 CFM
Recommended UseIndoors
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The Emerson Modern Ceiling Fan is a centerpiece for any setting with its curved plywood blades and the brushed steel finish. This stunning fan offers a dual mount feature for both high and low ceilings with a sliding 4 speed wall control. It has 3 curved blades which are 30 inches with a 4.5-inch downrod. You also have an option to install a light fixture in this fan. This Emerson Modern Ceiling Fan is among one of the quietest and the longest lasting motors that are currently available on the market.

  • A sliding four speed wall control for easy adjusting of the speed of the fan.
  • Dual mounting options which can be hung close to the ceiling without a downrod or can be installed away from the ceiling with an inclusive 4.5-inch downrod.
  • This fan is backed by a limited lifetime motor warranty and a 1-year warranty on other parts.
  • It has a brushed steel finish which makes it suitable for only inside use.
The Good
  • It has a powerful airflow at 2278 cfm with airflow efficiency of 54 cfm.
  • The multi-speed wall switch makes it easier to control the fan speed.
  • A sophisticated minimalist fan which has a great design.
Not So Good
  • It is not suitable for outdoor use.
  • If you have a large room, you might want to look for a different fan.
Final Thoughts

A stylish fan, the Emerson Modern ceiling fan is your dream comes true if you are looking for a small fan with great finish and sophistication. Check on Amazon

3. Hunter Bayview 54 inch Ceiling Fan

Airflow5803 CFM
Usage RatingDamp-rated
Coverage AreaUp to 485 sq. feet
WarrantyLimited lifetime motor warranty
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The Hunter Bayview 54-inch ceiling fan is not just great for your bedroom; it will turn also your outdoor spaces into a breezy spot which can be used for relaxation or entertainment. It is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for some air circulation in your covered patios, porches and sunrooms. Having a gold finish, this ceiling fan has 5 antique plastic blades which are pam leaf-shaped. It has a whisper wind motor which has been tested vigorously to make it whisper quiet.

  • Has a quiet whisper performance which delivers powerful airflow without any noise.
  • The reversible motor makes it possible to change the direction of the fan during the summer and winter seasons.
  • You get to choose from three position mounting systems – from angled, low or standard mounting.
  • Three-fan speed which a reversible palm leaf blades to provide a customized comfort.
Backed by a limited lifetime motor warranty.
The Good
  • A beautiful looking fan which lights up both your indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Extremely easy to install with an easy to read direction provided.
  • It has a strong airflow and the fan speed can be customized according to your needs.
Not So Good
  • Some of the fans are reported to cause a loud grinding sound.
  • The blades have been seen to come out during heavy wind or storm days.
Final Thoughts

This ceiling fan is a must buy if you want to add some color and breeze to your indoor and outdoor entertainment and relaxation spots. It is a full package ceiling fan with its style, design, and features. Check on Amazon

4. Hunter’s Builder plus Ceiling Fans

Coverage AreaUp to 485 sq. feet
Wattage60 watts
Airflow Capacity5049 CFM
WarrantyLimited lifetime motor warranty
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If you are looking for the best indoor ceiling fan then Hunter’s Builder Plus should be on the top of your list. It is a stunning fan which has been beautifully designed and judiciously crafted. You have a reversible motor that can help you change the direction of your fan easily in different seasons. So, you can choose the downdraft mode in summers or go in for the updraft mode during the winter.

It complements the brushed nickel of the body of the fan which makes it a perfect combination. The whisper wind motor used in the fan makes it a powerful fan but also it is extremely quiet so you can enjoy continuous air circulation without a single noise.

  • Three mounting options for angled, low or standard mounting.
  • A pull chain is included for easy on and off and also speed adjustments.
  • The motor can be reversed to change the direction. For summer the downdraft mode and for the winter the updraft mode is there.
  • With swirled marble glass, it includes a three-light fitter.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the motor of the fan.
The Good
  • A stylish and beautiful looking fan which goes with any interior setting.
  • Has a powerful motor and is also a no noise making fan, all in one.
  • Reversible motor for using the fan all year round.
Not So Good
  • Some Amazon users have reported that the light fixture stops working after a month or two.
Final Thoughts

A beautiful looking fan, the Hunter’s builder plus ceiling fan will be a great stylish addition to your room. Having many features like reversible motor, it is a fan which is silent and powerful. Check on Amazon

5. Hunter’s Key Biscayne Ceiling Fans

Usage RatingDamp-rated
Airflow Capacity6239 CFM
Assembled Diameter54 inches
WarrantyLimited lifetime motor warranty
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Love relaxing in the sunroom and porches of your house? Then we have the perfect solution to improve the air circulation- the Hunter’s Key Biscayne Ceiling Fans. This fan has a beautiful design which will make you stare at it all day long. The five blades in the fan have an aged Beachwood touch finish and the light kit have a weathered zinc finish. The other parts of the fan are made of stainless steel to make it rust- free. Overall the design will bring a coastal feel to your house.

  • A powerful whispering wind motor ideal that can cool down even a large room of around 485 sq ft.
  • A pull-down the chain for adjusting the speed and light settings.
  • Three mounting angles for a low, flush or standard mounting, depending on your choice.
  • Comes with 2 down roads which are 2 and 3 inches.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the motor.
  • A reversible motor for use in both the summer and winter season.
The Good
  • The installation is very easy and simple and is very easy to operate.
  • It has a stunning and beautiful design.
  • Extremely efficient in circulating the air in the room.
Not So Good
  • The light is very dim and not very efficient.
Final Thoughts

The Hunter’s Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan is packed with useful functions and features. However, the best thing about it is its ease of operation. It is amazing at air circulation and is silent even at its highest setting. Check on Amazon

6. Hunter 53091 Builder Collection 52 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

Wattage64 watts
Air Flow Capacity5110 CFM
Fan Size52 inch
WarrantyLimited lifetime motor warranty
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An indoor ceiling fan, the Hunter’s 53091 builder collection 52 inch indoor ceiling fan brings a traditional style to your home. It has 5 reversible blades which have a Brazilian cherry and stained oak finish and the glass used in the light fixture is toffee glass. All in all, the design will complement your room with its casual and traditional style.

  • A powerful whisper wind which has a reverse feature and is very silent.
  • A pull chain included for light and speed control, adaptable to remote control also.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty on motors and a 1-year warranty on other parts.
  • Includes a 2 and 3-inch downrod for standard ceiling and a longer rod for higher ceilings.
The Good
  • A long-lasting and powerful ceiling fan for your house.
  • The fans are quiet and do not make any unnecessary noise.
  • The direction is reversible so that it can use in both winters and summers
Not So Good
  • The light is very dim on the fan.
  • The glass of the light is of low quality and fragile and hence it can crack very easily.
Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an indoor ceiling fan which will add a traditional look to your home, then you need to look no further than the Hunter’s 53091 builder collection 52-inch indoor ceiling fan. It will complement your room without overpowering it and will last very long without giving you any kind of hassle. Check on Amazon

7. Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Collection 52 inch Ceiling Fan

Coverage AreaUp to 225 sq. feet
Air Flow Capacity3589 CFM
Wattage61 watts
WarrantyLimited lifetime
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You can take the interiors of your room to another level by installing the Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Collection 52 inch Ceiling Fan. The fan has a black matte finish with a light fixture whose glass is frosted and the five blades are finished in matte black and marble. Ideal for rooms having a size of 360 square feet, this fan has 3-speed controls with a reversible switch. You can run the fan counterclockwise in summers to remain cool and in winters to keep away the cold spots and recirculate the warm air.

  • Chain control for adjusting the fan and light settings according to your need.
  • Has a downrod of 3 inches.
  • Reversible switch to using the fan all year round.
  • Provides airflow of 5,199 cfm with an airflow efficiency of 85 cfm per watt.
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor and 2-year warranty on other parts.
The Good
  • Quality is great by keeping the air circulation constant.
  • Easy to install using the instructions given by the company.
  • Has a powerful airflow which can be used all around the year using the reversible switch.
Not So Good
  • The light is of bad quality and stops working after some months.
  • Some fans make a lot of noise after using for some time.
Final Thoughts

The Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Collection 52 inch Ceiling Fan is sophisticated which will take the interiors of your house into another dimension with has a cutting edge and modern style. The fan is packed with design and features, and will add the right modern touch and feel to your home. Check on Amazon

8. Minka Aire Light Wave Distressed Koa Ceiling Fan

Airflow Capacity6580 CFM
Wattage65 watts
Recommended UseIndoors
WarrantyLifetime warranty available
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The ceiling fan is from Minka Aire’s light wave collection which is practical and has a contemporary style. The fan has a Koa finished motor with 3 molded ABS and Koa finished blades. This gives the fan a smooth and an elegant look which will add a contemporary style to your room. It has an integrated light with an etched lens which provides a complete look to the entire fan.

  • The 5 blades and motor are finished with Koa to give it an elegant look.
  • The fan can be operated with a hand held air remote control system.
  • An optional wall control system is also available.
  • Includes a 6 inch downrod for rooms with high ceilings.
  • Has an airflow of 5,199 cfm.
  • A lifetime warranty on the motor.
The Good
  • The parts are well finished which have supreme quality.
  • Can be easily installed and operated.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry up a ladder.
  • The lighting is bright and glows making it an additional source of light in the room.
Not So Good
  • The motor is too loud and can irritate the ears.
  • Some users reported that the fan may actually be made of PVC or resin, and not distressed koa.
Final Thoughts

The Minka Aire Light Wave Distressed Koa Ceiling Fan is a fan which is filled with all the required functions and features. To add to all this, is the stunning and contemporary design of the house which will add a great beautiful touch to your room. It is the ideal replacement of a floor standing fan and the light is not dim which makes it an additional light source in your room. Check on Amazon

9. Hunter 53236 Builder plus 52 inch Ceiling Fan

Air Flow Capacity5049 CFM
Wattage60 watts
Special FeatureDust Armor nanotechnology to repel dust build-up
WarrantyLimited lifetime motor warranty
Check on Amazon

Ceilings fans that can be installed easily, perform reliably and are made with quality is an accurate description of the Hunter’s Builder plus 52 inch ceiling fans. It has 5 blades, snow white in color, and made of amber design. The rich design of the fan goes with almost all kinds of décor design of the house. The quiet motor effectively circulates air in your room which will help you get the right temperature according to your needs.

  • Has a good airflow ideal for indoor and large rooms.
  • 3 mounting options with short and long down rods for low, standard and up to 34 degree angled ceilings.
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty for motor and 1 year warranty for all other parts.
  • Pull chains for adjustment of the light and fan speed, also adaptable for remote control.
The Good
  • It takes just about an hour to install the fan.
  • Good quality design that is sure to turn eyes
  • A beautiful fan which is powerful and quiet at the same time.
  • A high-quality fan which does not wobble and is very durable.
Not So Good
  • Some users have reported that the light fixture goes out after one month of use.
Final Thoughts

The Hunter 53236 Builder plus 52-inch Ceiling Fan is a beautifully designed fan with its snow-white blades which adds an elegant look to the entire room. It has a lot of features from being quiet to pull chains and a lifetime warranty on the motor. Check on Amazon

Buying Guide To Find The Best Ceiling Fan For Your Bedroom

The primary purpose of a ceiling fan is to circulate the air in a room. While air conditioners might cool the air in summers and heat the air in winters, ceiling fans push this air around. Therefore, ceiling fans can operate both in summers and winters. While in summers they will keep you cool, in winters they recirculate the air so as to remove any cold spots in your room.

Choosing a ceiling fan that is appropriate for you room can be overwhelming because of the wide variety of choices available. Therefore, we give you a buying guide for ceiling fans to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Ceiling Fan Blades

The most important part when looking to buy a ceiling fan is the blade. It is the blade that rotates and provides the air circulation in your room. Hence, it is important to consider blade factors like the number and size of the blades in the ceiling fans.

The ceiling fans can have three, four or five blades in them. However, the traditional number of blades is four. The number of blades does not generally affect their performance because it is the motor in the ceiling fan that is actually doing the work. On the flip side, the number of blades will affect the cost of the fan. The higher number of blades you want, the higher will be the cost of the fan.

Blades come in various sizes and can range from 30 inches to 60 inches. The blade size that is ideal for you depends on the room size where you want to mount the fan. The longer blades the ceiling fan has, the more air it can move around in the room.

To learn more about finding the right size for your ceiling fan, check this article: Find the Right Size Ceiling Fan Before Heading To The Showroom

Ceiling Fan Styles and Finishes

Ceiling fans are made in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Some ceiling fans also have a light included in them. The light shades in the ceiling fans come in glass and some of the popular fan shades are frosted glass, alabaster glass and seeded glass.

The finishes of the ceiling fans are in the base and the blades. Some bedroom fans also have a stainless steel finish to make it rust proof. Some of the popular base finishes are matte black, antique bronze, brushed nickel, java, mink, white, natural, black, polished pewter, auburn and many more.

The blades also have exclusive styles and finished. They are made from different materials and are given different finishes. Blades can be made with solid wood, plywood or even a less expensive one from veneered constant density board. The finishes given to the blades can include cherry, walnut, white, black, rosewood and much more. Some manufacturers have also come up with reversible blades where if you get bored of one design then you can flip the blades to transform the feel of the fan.

Room Size

The room size plays a major decision is deciding the size of the blades that are ideal for you. According to a report by Energy Star, a room-sized at 75 square feet should use a ceiling fan having a blade size of 36 inches while a 144 square feet room should use a blade size of 36 to 42 inches. For rooms with higher square feet like 225 require a 44-inch fan and for 400 square feet room size about 50-54 inches is ideal.

Ceiling Height of the Room

When choosing and buying a ceiling fan you need to keep in mind the ceiling height. The ideal height of the fan from the floor should be 8 feet, but it should not be lower than 7 feet. Since the ceilings in a room can be low, high or angled; many companies have come up with fans that have multiple mounting options. Therefore measure the height of the ceiling to know which mounting option would suit you the best.

The normal or low ceiling fans do not require any additional rods and therefore they have standard mounting. However, for ceilings those are higher than 8 feet may require a downrod for their mounting. So, while buying you should check the packaging to see if a downrod is included and if it is then what is the size of it. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a downrod additionally.

The chart for the ceiling height and the downrod size is given below:

  • 9 feet ceiling height – 12 inches downrod
  • 10 feet ceiling height- 18 inches downrod
  • 11 feet ceiling height- 24 inches downrod
  • 12 feet ceiling height- 36 inches downrod
  • 13 feet ceiling height- 48 inches downrod

Quality of the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans come in a wide range of costs where you can get fans for as cheap as $39.95 and can go up to more than $100.

A high-quality fan has many traits like it moves air effectively and also quietly. The parts would be designed well and would be made from high-quality materials which are long lasting and have the perfect finish. The motor would have several speeds and would be backed by a long-term warranty.

Fans are generally rated by the amount of air they move and are measured in cubic feet per minute. However, these measurements are not universally accepted because fans are not always moving at high speed. On the other hand, the movement of air depends on the number of blades, length of the blades, revolutions per minute and distance from the ceiling. A fan having a weak motor will spin the shorts blades at a faster rate but will be noisier than a fan that has longer blades.

Ceiling fans that you can buy at a cheaper rate will have motors that are made in China. These have proved to be unreliable which lack quality in terms of even the design and the construction. Such fans generally have a wobble in them which is beyond repair and make a humming sound even at the lowest speed. Therefore, you should avoid buying such ceiling fans.

A motor should consist of sealed bearing which would not require any kind of lubrication so that they run quietly for almost 12 years. However, how can you judge the quality of a motor? The best judge is by seeing the reputation of the company and the warranty backed by the company for the motor. In addition, you can also make sure that it has been listed under a testing agency like Underwriters Laboratories.

Controller of the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans come with a wall mounted controller that allows you to adjust the fan speed and also the light settings, if the light is included. It is extremely important that this controller is made by the same manufacture so that there is no unnecessary humming or buzzing sound.

Fans that do not have a wall switch can be operated using a pull chain or a remote control. The remote control feature has not been introduced by many manufacturers but has been coming up at a fast pace. Therefore, you should see the controller that the company is offering and choose the one that accurately suits your need.

Features in the Ceiling Fan

Once you have decided on all the other things, you might also want to look at an additional feature in the ceilings fans. That feature is the motor reversible feature. Using the reversible motor feature you can use the ceiling fan all-round the year.

During winters, you can choose the clockwise direction. In this direction, the ceiling fan will push the warm air to circulate down and will remove any cold spots from the room. In summers, you can run the blades anti-clockwise. This will blow the air downward and hence will create a cool breeze all around you.

Therefore, having such a ceiling fan will help you utilize it during the entire year by keeping you warm during winters and cool during summers.

Location of the Ceiling Fan

When choosing a ceiling fan you need also to decide the place you wish to mount it; it is indoors or outdoors. The ceiling fans available for both the places are quite different, and you should check with the company and the type of fan that you buy.

After you are done buying the ceiling fan, the most important thing is to mount the ceiling fan at the correct location for maximum airflow. For the location of the ceiling fan, you should make sure that you put the fan in the middle of the room or a place where everyone gathers. In addition, you also have to make sure that the tip of the blades is at least 24 inches from the sloping ceilings or the walls. If the fans are mounted too close to ceiling, then it can create a “cavitational effect.” This effect means that the air movement will be less and therefore, the fans would not be able to serve their purpose.


Choosing a ceiling fan can prove to be a tedious task. Having the correct budget and the finding a ceiling fan under that budget is not easy. While choosing a fan under your budget, you also want a fan that is long lasting, fits the interiors of our house, is quiet and produces the perfect airflow. With the buying guide given above, your task has been made easier by helping you find the perfect ceiling fan.

You can also choose among the top 9 ceiling fans that have been reviewed. They are the top ceiling fans that are currently available in the market. All the nine ceiling fans while have some similar functions are still very different regarding the blade size, blade number, airflow, controller and some have additional features.

So, now that your task has been made easier, what are you waiting for? Go get buying your ideal and perfect ceiling fan.

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