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Quorum Ceiling Fan Reviews (8 Top Picks in 2023)

Product Reviews

Out for some Quorum ceiling fans? Check out our Quorum ceiling fan reviews guide for some handpicked recommendations out of all their models.

Note that the products discussed on our site are independently selected by our editors. Your purchases through our recommendations may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you.

The addition of a splendid Quorum ceiling fan to your home will make it more comfortable and charming. However, there are various models in the market with different features that may leave a serious buyer confused. Also, you need to consider various factors like the size and height of your room, exposure to elements, and so on. The longevity of the product is also important to enhance getting value for money.

In this article, we break it all down for you. You will read the pros and cons of Quorum ceiling fans, whether you should buy them or not, what buyers are saying about them, and so on.

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Why Quorum Fans?

Quorum International

The Quorum brand has been in the market for more than 30 years. The company’s ceiling fans are developed to boost the circulation of air in homes, offices as well as other buildings. Furthermore, they are stylish and procurable in various sizes as well as designs. They are ideal enrichment for both internal and external decorations. Well-known Quorum collections include Windmill, Monaco, Monticello, Alton, Proxima, and Capri.

Quorum International Website

Moreover, everyone has an option, regardless of the differences in design choices. Whether you like traditional, contemporary, or modern fans, there is a design that fits your class.

Also, you can rely on Quorum ceiling fans in terms of energy efficiency. They don’t trade off airflow, hence, you can save more on energy consumption when you use them. Research shows that the fans can reduce energy consumption by 20% when compared to typical ceiling fans. There are light fixture variations in many units to boost the lighting situation of your rooms without increasing cost much.

In terms of construction, the company’s engineers make use of high-quality materials to construct the fans. That is why many buyers are looking for this brand in the market since they believe it would last longer. They are not just beautiful, but durable too with various finishes to select from.

Also, if you live in a rustic or mission-style home, there is a Quorum product you can use. It’s a known fact that getting an ideal ceiling fan for this type of home is not a piece of cake. But the innovativeness of the company has helped many people to cool their homes without closing their bank accounts.

What’s more, due to exotic influences on design, the brand has created a niche for itself in the sector. And that is why it is one of the most trusted names when discussing ceiling fans anywhere in the world.

Best Quorum Ceiling Fans in 2023

Without further ado, here are our handpicked recommendations of the best Quorum ceiling fans —

  1. Quorum Windmill 72″ Fan – Best Statement Piece

** This product is currently not available.**

The Quorum Windmill 72″ model is a masterpiece that adorns every space where it is installed. It is a large-sized ceiling fan that you can install in the majority of the rooms in your house. You can use it in the living room, master bedroom, other bedrooms, dining space, game room, large kitchen, or studio.

Why we recommend this?

With its 72-inch blade span and aesthetic design, it is the first among other top products reviewed in this piece. The fan comes in three finishes; namely – black, bronze, and galvanized steel. So you have the option to choose a design you like if you don’t like the others.

The Quorum Windmill 72″ fan comes with a 6-speed setting so that you can choose the right speed for the right time of the day. It comes with a remote control so that you won’t have issues adjusting the speed. It is produced from high-quality metallic material with a black finish for maximum longevity. With its adaptable light fixture, it illuminates your space to the admiration of your visitors.

Furthermore, its blades are made from weathered oak, and that is why no one can contend with its durability. Also, it is energy efficient, hence, you are going to spend less on electricity.

Drawbacks, but not deal-breakers

This particular version is rated to be used only indoors. However, if you want the outdoor version you can find it here. Also, it cannot be installed on ceilings that are slopped more than 23-25 degrees.

Who It Is For

It is ideal for you if you are looking for a large ceiling fan that will also work as a statement piece fan and enhance the interior decor of your house. And, due to its large size, it is ideal for large rooms such as master bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

What buyers are saying

The dazzling design of this ceiling fan caught the fancy of many buyers. They confirmed that it worked perfectly, silently, and was very easy to install. However, there were few complaints about the inability of its installation on a sloped ceiling. But the general opinion of buyers is satisfactory. Check out the reviews here.

The Pros
  • Beautiful exotic unique design
  • Boasts 6-speed setting
  • Accompanying remote control for ease of use
  • Easy to install with necessary tools
  • Comes with 72-inch weathered oak blades
  • Silent operations for comforting sleep
The Cons
  • Might be difficult to install on a sloped ceiling
  • Might not put a lot of air when installed too high
  1. Quorum Windmill 60″ Ceiling Fan

** This product is currently not available.**

The Quorum Windmill 60″ model is the slightly smaller version of the previously mentioned 72″ model. Like the other model, it is a masterpiece for boosting the aesthetic appeal of any space. In addition, it comes with all the plush features that make it occupy our second spot. You can install it in any room in your house including the living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen, and so on.

Why we recommend this?

The Quorum Windmill 60″ model is a 60-inch statement piece ceiling fan with plush features for optimum effectiveness. It has an airflow of 5982 cubic feet per minute, which is ideal for perfect cooling at all times. Moreover, you will like its 6-speed setting that guarantees maximum flexibility.

Also, with its weathered oak blades, you can be sure of its ultimate lastingness.

Its energy efficiency is a plus, hence, it is one of the most demanded ceiling fans in the market.

Furthermore, there is a remote control that you can use to adjust its speed. It is made from high-quality metallic material with a bronze coating so that it can last longer. Its adjustable light fixture helps in giving your room a colorful and splendid look.

Who It Is For

If you desire a statement piece ceiling fan but don’t have enough space for the 72-inch model, you can go for this 60-inch model.

What buyers are saying

A lot of buyers gave a five-star rating for this product. They loved the design, construction, and performance with positive attestation to its overall quality. On the other hand, some buyers complained of little hiccups during installation. In conclusion, the majority of buyers are satisfied with this product. Check out the reviews here.

The Pros
  • Features wall control for seamless airflow control
  • Fashionable design with oiled bronze coating
  • Comes with 6-speed remote for seemless control
  • Energy-efficient for reduced spending
The Cons
  • DIY installation may be tricky
  1. Quorum Galveston 52″ Rustic Ceiling Fan – Best Rustic

** This product is currently not available.**

The Quorum Galveston 52-inch model is a ceiling fan for the rustic lovers. It belongs to the Galveston collection and is very popular among shoppers. It is adequately built so that users will have the best experience using it.

Why we recommend this?

The simple and classic design of Quorum Galveston 52″ is something we can’t ignore. It is produced from plastic material, which helps in preventing rust. Also, it is lightweight so its installation will be seamless.

Furthermore, it comes with a wall control for the adjustment of speed.

Also, it helps in reducing your energy spending because it saves energy.

Its oiled bronze coating ensures maximum protection from elements so that it can last longer.

Moreover, with a height of 10.45 inches, this ceiling is the perfect choice for your country home. You won’t mind its adjustable light fixture, which helps in brightening your room. Its power rating stands at 14 Watts while its operating voltage is 120V. As a member of the Quorum Patio fan line, you can be sure of getting value for your money.

Drawbacks, but not deal-breakers

Galveston 52 inch (13525-86) is an excellent fan. However, we’ve noticed that it does not come with a remote. We would have liked it more if it came with a remote. Another point to note is that the downrod diameter is 1/2 inch, which could be a little difficult to find sometimes. Other than those, it’s a great fan.

Who It Is For

If you are looking for a ceiling fan for your rustic home, we recommend the Quorum Galveston 52″ rustic ceiling fan.

What buyers are saying

Buyers like the simple and classic design of this ceiling fan. Others praised its quiet operations even at high speed. Also, they like the brightness of its light, which helps in enhancing the illumination of their rooms. However, there were complaints that the installation rod was short. Check out the reviews here.

The Pros
  • Simple and classic design
  • Oiled bronze coating for optimum lastingness
  • 5-blade design to boost airflow
  • Energy-efficient for reduced electricity consumption
  • Makes less noise during operations
The Cons
  • Short installation rod
  • It does not have a remote control
  1. Quorum Monaco 52″ Ceiling Fan – Best Palm Leaf

** This product is currently not available.**

The Quorum Monaco 52″ is a studio white finish ceiling fan with leaf-shaped ABS blades. It is an ideal product for reproducing the feeling of a tropical light wind cruising across the high seas. With its rich attributes, you may not easily get a more desirable deal elsewhere.

Why we recommend this?

The Quorum Monaco 52″ fan boasts leaf-shaped blades which will add splendor to any room. Due to its UL-wet rating, it can be installed outdoors. Furthermore, it comes with a 3-position speed setting, including reverse, for seamless adjustment of speed.

Its leaf-shaped ABS blades are splendid to behold and will add glamour to your room.

Also, it comes in a studio white finish, and that is why it is the choice of many classy shoppers.

It is 16.75-inch high, hence, it is a perfect ceiling fan for a rustic home.

You can also use it with a light kit, which you will need to purchase distinctly. It is produced from high-quality wood material, hence, you can be sure of its durability.

Drawbacks, but not deal-breakers

The Quorum Monaco (135525-8) 52″ does not come with built-in lights. We would have liked it more if it did. However, the good news is, if you require a light kit, one can be purchased separately and configured to work with this fan. Choose a compatible light kit from the many that Quorum has in its product line, and you will be good to go.

Who It Is For

This ceiling fan is designed for countryside homes to re-produce a leafy coastal feeling.

What buyers are saying

The majority of consumers showed a likeness to this ceiling fan because of its exquisite design. Many of them commented that it looks more beautiful in real life than it does in the picture. They admired its quiet operation and overall quality. But some buyers were not able to install it on their own. On a general note, they like the product and rated it very high.

The Pros
  • Exquisite design
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Made from high-quality ABS material
  • 3-speed setting with reverse function
  • Energy-efficient for reduced consumption
The Cons
  • It does not come with a remote control but you can use it with a remote
  • The light kit is not provided, but can be purchased seperately
  1. Quorum Estate 30″ Ceiling Fan – Best for Small Rooms

** This product is currently not available.**

The Quorum Estate 30″ ceiling fan is a fan specially designed for small rooms. It comes with 30-inch fan blades with a total number of 6 blades. It can be used in homes with traditional designs.

Why we recommend this?

This ceiling fan model from Quorum comes with six Walnut ABS blades, which blow conveniently at all times. In addition, its airflow stands at 3690 cubic feet per minute, hence, you can rely on it for a cool breeze. Besides, it works on three speeds with reverse making it an ideal companion for small rooms and patios.

With its UL-wet rating, it can easily endure outdoor elements and still give you a lasting product.

Also, it comes in an old-world finish, hence, a lot of traditional shoppers like it. It is 12-inch high, and you can use it with remote control, which you will need to buy separately. Also, it works perfectly with a light kit but you will have to buy that distinctly. With its production from quality wood material, you rely on its durability. You will like its circular shape, which adds an aesthetic appeal to your room.

Drawbacks, but not deal-breakers

Just like the Monaco 52 model, the Quorum Estate (143306-95) 30″ fan too does not come with built-in lights. Since this fan is for small rooms, many would buy this fan for their bathrooms, where extra lighting is always a plus. Don’t be put off though, because this fan is compatible with light kits. So you can purchase one separately and set it up to work with this fan.

Who It Is For

With six 30-inch long blades, it will give the best result in small rooms. It is also a perfect addition to your patio, porch, or hallway.

What buyers are saying

Many buyers of this ceiling fan highly recommended it. They liked its airflow as well as noiseless operation. There was no negative feedback on Amazon for this product at the time of putting this review together.

The Pros
  • High quality wooden blades
  • Energy efficiency reduces power usage
  • 3690 cubic feet per minute airflow
  • 3-speed setting plus reverse
The Cons
  • No remote control
  • No light kit provided

Note: We have previously done a full review of the best small ceiling fans. You can check it out here – small ceiling fan recommendations.

  1. Quorum Villa 52″ Ceiling Fan – Best Budget

** This product is currently not available.**

The Quorum Villa 52″ ceiling fan is specially designed for those on a budget. It boasts 52-inch fan blades, hence, it guarantees impeccable airflow. Besides, it comes with plush features that make it stand out among its equals.

Why we recommend this?

When you look at this ceiling fan, the first thing that catches your attention is its design. With its noir blades along with the dark gray base and the motor, it will surely attract everyone’s attention. At least it did ours, and that’s one of the reasons to recommend it. Every black-lover will surely love it. Also, its black color makes it a great fit for white or cream-colored rooms.

The Quorum Villa 52″ is equipped with five 52-inch blades for optimum airflow. Its speed is adjustable so that you can set an airflow that works for you. Also, it is 14.6 inches high, and that is why you won’t have issues using it in your modern building.

You can use it with a light kit, and you need to buy this separately. With its production from high-quality material, you can depend on its durability. It is a member of Quorum’s Villa collection.

Drawbacks, but not deal-breakers

Since this ceiling fan is more on the budget side, there are some trade-offs here that you need to consider. One of those is that the fan is dry-rated, which means you can only install it indoors. That’s not a deal-breaker though unless you are buying a fan for your outdoor areas such as porch, patio, sunroom, etc. In that case, you should check out other products on the list, such as the Quorum Galveston 52″ or Quorum Estate 30″ models. These fans can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Who It Is For

It is the best budget ceiling fan on the list of our reviewed products. So, if you are searching for an affordable option, this is the right product to buy.

The Pros
  • Beautiful, elegant design
  • Affordable
The Cons
  • No remote control included
  • No light kit

Quorum Ceiling Fan Buyer’s Guide

Buying a Quorum ceiling fan is not much different than buying a ceiling fan from any other brand. The following is a general guideline that you should follow when shopping for a ceiling fan.

Outdoor rating

When buying a ceiling fan, perhaps the most important aspect to consider is its outdoor rating. Ceiling fans come in three different ratings in this regard – Dry-ratedDamp-rated, and Wet-rated.

Dry-rated fans are designed only for the indoors. So they are fine in your bedroom or living room. But if you want to use your ceiling fan outdoors, such as in your patio or porch, you have to get either a Damp rated or a Wet rated fan. Which type you should choose depends on the area you want to use the fan in. If it’s a covered area, such as a patio or porch, you should choose a Damp-rated fan. But if the area is uncovered where the fan will be exposed directly to rain and snow, such as a pergola, you must choose a Wet-rated fan. Learn more here.

All these three types of fans can be used indoors without any problem.


Considering the size of the ceiling fan is also very important when buying one. Ceiling fans come in many different sizes such as 30″, 44″, 52″, 60″, and 72″. The most common size is 52 inches. You have to choose the proper size of your ceiling fan according to the room in which you want to use it. If the size is smaller than needed, you wouldn’t get enough airflow. And if the size is bigger than needed, you will be incurring unnecessary electricity bills, and it wouldn’t look good either.

DelmarFans recommends a ceiling fan of 44-54 inches in diameter for a room of 144-225 square feet. Learn more here.


The design of a ceiling fan is also very important. You want to make sure that the fan fits perfectly to the design language of the room in which it will be installed, and also looks good to you and (hopefully) your visitors. Many designs are available in the market, such as Traditional, Modern, Transitional, Coastal, Rustic, etc. So, you want to choose the right design for the right room. You don’t want to end up buying a Rustic fan for a modern room or vice-versa.


The height of the ceiling fan is also of great importance when selecting your next ceiling fan. Some ceiling fans are flush-mounted to the ceiling in that they stay closely attached to the ceiling, without leaving any unnecessary gap between the fan base and the ceiling. These are called flush-mount or Hugger ceiling fans. If you have a low ceiling, go for one of these. Other ceiling fans use a downrod, typically between 5-12 inches long to connect to the ceiling. You will need to buy one of these fans if you have a medium to high ceiling. Sometimes, you will have to buy the downrod separately if your ceiling is too high.

Control options

Control options is yet another factor that you need to consider when buying a ceiling fan. Some ceiling fans are controlled using pull-chains, some are using wall switches, and others are using remotes, while the most modern ceiling fans will feature all of these plus Smart (WiFi) control. You want to ensure that your selected fan comes with your preferred control options. Many ceiling fans can be configured to work with control systems that are purchased separately. Such as, when you buy a ceiling fan that does not come with a built-in remote, you can buy a remote control separately, and have an electrician set it up to work with the fan for you.

Lighting options

One of the ways ceiling fans (literally) shine is that they can be a source of light along with the comforting airflow. Today’s ceiling fans will often come with in-built lighting fixtures. If you need extra lighting in your room, look for a ceiling fan with lights. Some ceiling fans will come with dimmable lights, allowing you to have the exact amount of ambient lighting in your room. So, keep this too in mind when buying your next ceiling fan.

Mounting Options

Considering the mounting options of a ceiling fan is vital when it comes to buying one. This becomes especially of great concern if you have a sloped ceiling. Some ceiling fans can be installed only on flat ceilings, while there are those that can be installed both on flat and sloped ceilings. So, if you have a sloped ceiling and want to install your ceiling fan there, make sure it can be installed on sloped ceilings.

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Extra features

Last but not least, consider if you need any extra features with your ceiling fan. Many modern-day ceiling fans will come with many extra features, such as reversible motor, swappable blades, etc. A fan with a reversible motor will be especially necessary if you will be using your fan along with your AC in the winter.

Final Words

The elegance and efficiency of Quorum ceiling fans contribute immensely to their popularity. They are available in various designs and finishes to enhance your home settings. No matter the location of your home or its interior decor, you can take your time to discover a product that will serve your purpose.

We hope this quorum ceiling fan reviews guide has opened your eyes to facts that will help you choose the right one. We covered the features of top products from this brand, buyers’ guide, opinions of buyers, and pros and cons of the products, among others. If you make use of this guide properly, we believe you will discover the perfect ceiling fan that will serve you right.

Next Up

You can take a look at other great ceiling fan brands here, such as Minka Aire, Kichler, Prominence Home, Honeywell, Hunter, and Emerson. If you want to know about the pros and cons of ceiling fans, take a look at this article. And the benefits of installing ceiling fans, here. Our recommendations for bedroom ceiling fans are here. Master the concept of proper ceiling fan direction here.

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