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Prominence Home Ceiling Fan Reviews [6 Top Picks + Analysis]

Product Reviews

Looking for some Prominence Home ceiling fans? We have analyzed almost all their products and here are the best ones based on our research.

Note that the products discussed on our site are independently selected by our editors. Your purchases through our recommendations may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you.

It’s no secret that a ceiling fan proves to be a lifesaver on those sweltering summer days when the comfortable breeze is something we can’t live without. And in the days of winter, they can save you electricity bills using reverse airflow when used in conjunction with AC units. Many brands produce these ceiling fans, and one such brand is Prominence Home. It is a brand that is starting to make a name for itself in the ceiling fan industry due to its production of some of the high-quality ceiling fans on the market today. More and more customers are putting their trust and money into this brand day by day.

But when you go to buy one, you could find yourself in a maze. That is because they have a plethora of options in their ceiling fan collection. How do you know which one is the right one for you? What size? What design? What features? Which model? Plenty of questions rise in the brain, making you confused about it all.

However, the good news is, we have done all the necessary research for you to help you make a thoughtful decision in the shortest possible time as to which next fan to adorn your house with. In this article, we will clear up all your confusion and give you a proper guideline as to why you may choose Prominence Home as the brand for your next ceiling fan, some great hand-picked recommendations, a buyers guide, and answer some questions (FAQ) about their products.

Ready for it? Here you go —

Why Prominence Home?

Since you are reading this article, it’s perhaps safe to assume that you are already thinking of buying some Prominence Home ceiling fans. However, to boost your confidence, here follow some points as to why deciding to adorn your house with a Prominence Home ceiling fan is actually a great idea.

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Beautiful designs

Prominence Home ceiling fans feature exquisite designs that are just beautiful to look at. You will find that all of their fans are designed to complement a specific type(s) of décor. And most do match the description perfectly. Take, for example, the Freyr model. It is designed to be used in the outdoors (AWA indoors). It, therefore, features a design that is just perfect for the outdoors. Look at the lantern-inspired light cage that houses Edison bulbs, and you will understand what I am talking about.

And on top of that, almost all their fans have dual finishes on the blades; and most of them have different style variations to choose from. So, there’s a fan for every décor.

Unique features

This one is interesting! Many (read most) of the Prominence Home fans include a remote. What’s interesting about it is that their remotes have some features that are very hard to find with other brands if not impossible, such as —

“Safe Home” feature: This one is a lifesaver. When you press this button on the remote, the fan will start turning the light on and off randomly at certain intervals, giving any potential intruder the impression that you are at home, while in reality, you might be at work or on vacation. Pretty neat feature indeed; one that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Wall-Dock” for remote: Lose your remotes often? Say no more. Use the included wall dock for the remote to store it inside when not in use. A true lifesaver indeed.

“Walk Away Delay” feature: This feature causes the light to turn off one minute after you click the button, giving you enough time to leave the room. All Prominence Home remotes have it.

“Natural Breeze” feature: This feature causes the fan to change speed randomly on its own, simulating the natural breeze you’d find outside the house.

Quality products

Prominence Home only produces quality products. You can find an attestation of that in the customer reviews throughout their product line. And their ceiling fans also incorporate all of the standard features of the modern ceiling fan, such as reverse airflow, remote control, pull chains, dual-finish blades, dimmable lights, etc. So, your money is well spent with their ceiling fans.

Warranty for peace of mind

Prominence Home is very confident about their products. And that’s why, with all their fans, they provide a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your long-term satisfaction. So, if there should be something wrong with your unit anytime in the future, they’ll have your back for sure. One user even reported that when she complained about her newly purchased fan, the company just sent her another fan without asking for anything in return! Beautiful!

These are some of the reasons to choose Prominence Home as the brand for your next breeze-bringer!

Prominence Home Ceiling Fan Reviews (Top Picks)

Prominence Home, no doubt, produces some of the best ceiling fans you can find on the market today. At the time of doing the research, we analyzed some 98 of their ceiling fans. And after going through all the research and selection process, here are our hand-picked recommendations for the best Prominence Home ceiling fans you can purchase to make your living space a better place!

  1. Prominence Home Ashby Ceiling Fan – Best Overall

** This product is currently not available.**

The first product we have on our hand-picked recommendations list is the Prominence Home Ashby model (code no. 51630-01). This 52-inch ceiling fan with its sleek contemporary look with a blend of coastal vibe will be a great fit for any room in your modern house, especially your bedrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms. The modern, sleek look of the fan will sure catch your guest’s attention easily and earn you pleasing compliments!

Why do we recommend this?

We chose to put this fan at the top of our list and give it the “best overall” label, for good reasons. Find them below —

Really a good option for everyone in general: The Prominence Home Ashby model is truly a good fit for almost any type of consumer out there. Pricewise, it’s not too expensive. Qualitywise, it’s not “cheap”. And as it relates to design, it will complement almost any room of any design language. Whether you have a modern home, a coastal home, or even a slightly rustic one, this ceiling fan will perfectly fit any of those décor styles. And that is because its design language sits somewhere between modern, coastal, and rustic and not particularly on any single of these ends. However, as a side note, if you are going strictly for the rustic style, the Marshall model is a better option than this one.

Packed with useful features: Another reason as to why we have put this fan at the top of our list is that it comes packed with a lot of useful features. It literally has any feature that you might need in a ceiling fan. Reversible motor to cool your body in the summer and to circulate warm air in the winter, three-speed remote control for convenient control of the airflow and the lights, dimmable lights to have the exact amount of ambient brightness you want, Bond assisted Smart Control to even give up on the remote, low-profile flush mount, angle mount (angle bracket sold separately), dual finish blades to choose the style you like the most — you name it, the fan has it! Literally, you can’t ask for more in a normal ceiling fan for a normal room. And you can have all of this in your next ceiling fan without breaking the bank!

Comes in many colors: The Prominence Home Ashby model comes in 5 different colors, namely — Champagne, Chrome, Espresso Bronze, Pewter, and White. This will allow you to choose a finish that you truly like. You don’t see this in many fans these days. So this is another plus point.

Who it is for

The Prominence Home Ashby ceiling fan can accommodate a room of up to 18ft * 20ft (360 square feet). It is a good fit for almost any room of any style, as we’ve mentioned already. Therefore, if you are looking for a great ceiling fan for your bedroom, dining room, living room, or any room for that matter, not exceeding 360 square feet in size, the Prominence Home Ashby ceiling fan will be a great option for you.

Drawbacks, but not dealbreakers

To talk about the drawbacks, we must highlight that this fan is designed to be used only indoors. So you can’t have this fan for your outdoor areas such as the porch or patio. We would have liked it more if it had outdoor installation capability. However, if you really need an outdoor fan, check out the Freyr model. That one is designed for the outdoors.

What buyers are saying

When analyzing the customer reviews, we noticed very high customer satisfaction. A lot of customers admired the style and very quiet operation of the fan. Read all the reviews from the link above.

The Pros
  • Includes a wall-dock for the remote which helps to avoid losing it
  • Light bulbs and batteries come included
  • Very stylish design
  • 5 finishes to choose from
  • Operates very quietly
  • The remote remembers the “Last State”
  • The remote has a “light delay” feature
The Cons
  • For indoor use only
  • Each remote is individually programmed to the receiver. So you can’t replace just the remote in case you lose it.
  • Airflow is a bit less compared to the other models are on the list
  1. Prominence Home Marshall Ceiling Fan – Also Good

** This product is currently not available.**

The next fan we have on our list is the Prominence Home Marshall model (code no. 51457-01). It is yet another great fan in addition to the first one. It too has a blade span of 52 inches like the previous one. It has all the other features as the previously mentioned Ashby model except the built-in remote control. This model is rather controlled by integrated pull chains, which might prove better than remote for some consumers and worse for others.

This model differs from the Ashby model in the style as well. The Ashby model is more on the contemporary side while this one is particularly a rustic/farmhouse-style fan.

Why do we recommend this?

Beautiful farmhouse design: When researching products for this recommendation guide, this model caught our attention right away with its design. Its cage-inspired light fixture along with the bamboo finish on the blades will make it a perfect fit for your farmhouse-style home.

All necessary features present: Another reason we chose to recommend this fan is that, like the Ashby model, it has all the features that you might require in a ceiling fan. The only area it lacks in is the built-in remote function. But knowing that you can buy a universal remote and install it with this fan solves that problem as well. It, therefore, is a good recommendation overall.

Who it is for

Anyone looking for a great rustic-style ceiling fan that won’t break the bank will find this fan a great option for their living space.

Drawbacks, but not dealbreakers

Like the previous one, this Marshall model too is indoor rated. So, outdoor use won’t be possible with this one. That is something to keep in mind. Another point is that this fan does not come with a built-in remote. So, using the integrated pull chains is how you’d control the fan. It makes sense as you are paying much less too! However, the good news is, this fan is compatible with universal remotes. So, you can buy one separately, and install it to have the convenience of controlling the fan from the comfort of your bed.

What buyers are saying

We have analyzed the customer reviews of this product, and have noticed that a lot of the customers appreciated the look of this fan. The vast majority of them opined that it runs quietly. One of them even said that the company sent her a new fan for free once she complained about the one initially sent by them. Very few of them complained about a few things here and there, but overall, we have noticed a high level of customer satisfaction. You can read all the reviews from the link above.

The Pros
  • A balancing kit and the bulbs are included with the purchase
  • Looks absolutely beautiful, especially to the rustic lovers
  • Cleaning is easy with the open-cage light fixture
  • Operates quietly
The Cons
  • For indoor use only
  • No built-in remote control option
  1. Prominence Home Kyrra Ceiling Fan – Best Modern

** This product is currently not available.**

The next fan we have on our list is a contemporary one, namely the Prominence Home Kyrra model. More specifically, its design language sits somewhere between modern and classic, and it, therefore, is expected to fit almost every room in the house. The 4 color option makes this job even easier, so you get to choose a style that perfectly fits your living space, be it an office room, bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

Why do we recommend this?

Beautiful contemporary look that suits almost every room: The Prominence Home Kyrra model with its unique contemporary look immediately caught our attention as soon as we saw it during research. It’s no secret that the modern design trend usually prefers more simple, squarish things. And this fan is exactly that as far as design is concerned. Its purely square-shaped blades with a little bit of radius at the corners make this fan a perfect addition to any modern room. So, if you like simplicity blended with contemporary, this fan will be a great option for you.

Also, this fan is suited for almost every room in the house, thanks to the 4 color options. You can certainly find a color that suits your space like a glove!

Necessary features are there: No matter how beautiful a fan looks, we’d never recommend it to our readers like you if it’s not functional. For this guide, we gave equal attention to both looks and functionality. As far as design goes, the Kyrra model passes the test. Featurewise, on the other hand, it passes the test quite well there as well. It has great airflow with noiseless operation, thanks to its quiet reversible motor. The convenience of a remote is there. The lights are bright AND dimmable. The blades have two finishes, so you get to choose the one you like. It comes in four colors. And with its 52-inch blades, it can cover a room of up to 360 square feet. You need anything more?

Who it is for

The Prominence Home Kyrra model would be a great option for anyone looking for a contemporary-style ceiling fan to complement their modern space. It’s also a great option for those with a relatively low ceiling as this fan is particularly designed to be flush-mounted (low profile).

Drawbacks, but not dealbreakers

Like the previous two models, this fan, too, is indoor only. So, there’s that. What’s more important to highlight is that this fan can only be flush-mounted. So those with an angled or high ceiling are out of luck here. These are perhaps the two most prominent points of drawback with this fan. Other than that, it’s a great ceiling fan for contemporary lovers. If these hold you back, the Ashby model is a great alternative.

What buyers are saying

Upon analyzing the customer reviews, we have noticed great customer satisfaction overall. A lot of them talked about installation and opined that installation was very easy and a breeze. One of them even said it took him roughly 30 minutes to go through the installation process! Many of them admired its silent operation with great airflow and bright lights. On a minor negative note, one opined, “The directional switch is not easily accessible but it’s not that bad to get to”. You can read all the customer reviews from the link above.

The Pros
  • Great airflow
  • Dimmable, bright lights
  • Simple, yet beautiful looks make it fit most rooms
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Dual finish blades
  • Remote control
  • 4 colors to choose from
The Cons
  • Indoor only
  • Only flush-mount compatible
  1. Prominence Home Reston Ceiling Fan – Best Budget

** This product is currently not available.**

A recommendation list without a product in the budget segment is incomplete, isn’t it? And this Prominence Home Reston model is exactly that. A beautiful balance between price and features for those on a budget. The price (at the time of publishing the article) sits just a few dollars below the $100 mark. The fan’s 42-inch blades are capable enough to bring the most needed comfortable breeze to your medium-sized rooms of up to 170 square feet.

Why do we recommend this?

Comes in three colors: Though this fan is more on the budget side, it still features 3 colors to choose from, namely — Bronze, Brushed Nickle, and Pewter. And each blade of the fan comes in dual finishes. So, there are plenty of color variations to choose from. Regardless of the décor of your room, you will surely find a color that matches it perfectly. This is one of the reasons to recommend it.

A beautiful blend of modern and farmhouse design: The Prominence Home Reston model features a beautiful blend of modern and farmhouse design with an added touch of simplicity. Look at the Bronze or Brushed Nickle versions, they are perfect additions to a more of a farmhouse style room. And if you’ve got a modern/contemporary décor going on in your room, the Pewter version will fit in like a glove.

A great trade-off between price and features: Being on the budget side, the price of this fan sits way below all other fans on our list. However, the trade-offs are not many. The feature set it comes with will easily satisfy anyone looking for a decent fan that does not cost an arm and a leg, especially those on a tight budget. See the “drawbacks” section for a better explanation of the trade-offs.

Who it is for

If you are looking for a decent ceiling fan for your medium-sized rooms, and are willing to spend as little as possible without compromising much on quality and necessary features, the Prominence Home Reston model is a great option for you.

Drawbacks, but not dealbreakers

Before we open up on this section, please keep in mind that we are talking about a fan in the budget segment. With that, the first point we want to highlight is that this fan features 42-inch blades which are a little shorter than most of the other fans on this list (which are 52-inch mostly). However, this fan still puts out a lot of air, as pointed out by many of the reviewers on Amazon (see link above). The same goes for the 3-blade design. You might think that this 3-blade design makes the fan produce less air, but that’s just not true. Today’s technology has advanced to a degree where a 3-blade ceiling fan usually produces equal amounts of air as a 5-bladed fan, as pointed out by DelmarFans. Blade count nowadays is more of an aesthetic thing, and does not have much to do with performance. It looks like, the company just wanted to cut down on the manufacturing cost here.

Then, there’s no built-in remote. But if you really need one, spend a few more bucks on a universal remote as this fan is compatible with those. And then, this fan is indoor only, and flush-mount incompatible. These are perhaps the two most important drawbacks of this fan. Other than these, the Prominence Home Reston is a great ceiling fan, especially considering its price.

What buyers are saying

Analyzing the customer reviews, we have noticed great customer satisfaction overall for this fan. A lot of them said that the installation was easy. The airflow is great, they said. The light is enough, said many, while others said the opposite. That makes sense because this ceiling fan gives out only 450 lumens of brightness. If you need more light, you can buy brighter bulbs. Read all the reviews from the link above.

The Pros
  • Simple, yet beautiful modern/farmhouse design
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • Dual finish blades
  • Dimmable lights
  • Universal remote compatible (purchased separately)
  • Reversible airflow
The Cons
  • 42-inch blades as opposed to 52 or more
  • No flush mount
  • Indoor only
  • No built-in remote
  1. Prominence Home Hero Ceiling Fan – Best Small

** This product is currently not available.**

We chose the Prominence Home Hero model (code no. 51655-01) for our readers who are looking for a small ceiling fan for their small spaces, like a narrow hallway, a bathroom, or a tiny kitchen. Regardless of the case, if you are looking for a small Prominence Home ceiling fan, this Hero model would be your best bet. This cute little fan features stunning looks in its tiny blades and the schoolhouse-shaped light cover. It comes in three colors, Espresso, Brushed Nickle, and White. All look gorgeous, especially the Espresso model. The fan spans a total of 28 inches in diameter. Don’t let the small size of the blades fool you though. It has great airflow for its application.

Why do we recommend this?

Cuteness overloaded: Don’t you think? Like, look at the fan again. Don’t you see cuteness just shining through all its body? We saw that too! And that’s one of the reasons to recommend it. From head to toe, the whole thing just looks astoundingly beautiful. We especially like the Espresso model. Its overall dark theme contrasted with the white globe just makes you feel good. It sure will complement any of your small rooms. And if the dark theme really does not go well with your room’s décor, there are two more colors to choose from. So, there’s a look matching your décor no matter what!

Brightness in the darkness: This fan comes with a built-in light fixture. And it’s no secret that extra illumination in dark areas such as bathrooms and hallways is always a plus.

Pull chains are better: This fan features pull chains instead of a remote. See the “drawbacks” section to know why that’s actually better in this case.

Fulfills the purpose: This fan comes with all the necessary features for its application. Sure it lacks some features, but we’ve talked about why none of them is really a problem in the “drawbacks” section below.

Who it is for

Anyone looking for a ceiling fan to bring a comfortable breeze and some extra ambient lighting into their small spaces such as narrow hallways or small bathrooms, etc. will find the Prominence Home Hero model ceiling fan to be a great option.

Drawbacks, but not dealbreakers

As far as the drawbacks are concerned, there are a few. But before we mention those, we must point out that this fan is not a normal fan for a normal room. It rather has a particular application, and that is to bring a comfortable breeze in small spaces. Notice that, small spaces! When we consider that, the drawbacks pretty much lose all their weight.

For one, it’s again indoor only. But what will you do with a tiny 28-inch fan in the outdoors? Then, it does not have a remote. But how often do you need a remote in a tiny space? Like, nobody lies down in a bed to take a good night’s sleep in the hallway, or the bathroom. Rather, you are always on the move. So, pulling the chains is no inconvenient here. On the contrary, having a remote might actually be problematic, as you’d tend to lose it often in a space you don’t spend much of your time in. And it’s even easier to pull the chains than to look to see where the remote is when you are standing right beneath the fan.

Another point is that the light is bright, but not as much as one you’d find with a larger fan as this fan is designed to be used with only one light bulb as opposed to two. But less light brings equal levels of brightness if the space is smaller too, doesn’t it? But then, if you really need more light, replacing the included bulb with a brighter one is possible and easy. So that is solved here as well.

And lastly, this fan is only hugger mount compatible. So, you don’t get to install it on a high or angled ceiling. This perhaps is the only drawback here. But if your ceiling is neither high nor angled, then that’s not a big deal either.

What buyers are saying

Analyzing the customer reviews, we have noticed great satisfaction overall among them with this product. A lot of them opined that it was very easy to install due to the clear-cut instructions. Some of them complained about the illumination being a little less than expected, but we’ve talked about why that’s not much of a big deal in the “drawbacks” section. Read all the reviews form the link above.

The Pros
  • Cuteness overloaded all throughout!
  • Easy control with pull chains
  • Great airflow considering its size
  • Easy to install
  • Dual finish blades
  • 3 colors to choose from
The Cons
  • Hugger mount only
  • Illumination is a little less compared to bigger fans due to its use of only one (replaceable with brighter) bulb
  1. Prominence Home Freyr Ceiling Fan – Best Outdoor

** This product is currently not available.**

The next product we have on our list is one of its kind, at least in this recommendation list. Because it is the only product we have on the list with outdoor rating. It is none but the Prominence Home Freyr model (code no. 51657-01). This beautiful 52-inch ceiling fan is a great option for those looking to enjoy the much-needed comfortable breeze in their covered outdoor areas such as patios, porches, pergolas, etc. The skilled designers at Prominence Home designed this ceiling fan with a blend of both modern and farmhouse vibes. It therefore can complement both modern and rustic décors.

Why do we recommend this?

Comfortable breeze in the outdoors: The Prominence Home Freyr ceiling fan is UTL-Damp rated, which means it can tolerate the elements outside. So, this fan will give you the much-needed chilling breeze in the outdoors on those hot summer days, making you feel comfortable. Don’t put it under direct rain though. It is only designed to be used in covered outdoor areas.

Lantern-inspired design: I hope you can agree with me on this — a ceiling fan that is more on the rustic / farmhouse side looks much better in the outdoors that a modern simplistic one. And this ceiling fan just fits the bill here, especially the Textured-Black version. Its lantern-inspired look makes you feel as if you’ve come to the palace of some ancient king, at least your guests are very likely to feel this way. And this is more so when we add to it the fact that this fan uses Edison incandescent light bulbs instead of regular light bulbs, in a clear-glass light cover. The result is vintage lighting shining off of lanterns! This makes the lighting match the outdoor décor much better in most cases and brings that palace feeling. So, design-wise, the Prominence Home Freyr model is a great supply to the demand. And this is a great reason to recommend it.

Who it is for

Anyone looking to feel the comfortable breeze in their covered outdoor areas underneath an aesthetically appealing ceiling fan will find the Prominence Home Freyr ceiling fan a great option.

Drawbacks, but not dealbreakers

Talking about the drawbacks, we first want to mention that this fan features three Edison light bulbs. So, while you get the palace-like vintage lighting, you don’t get as much brightness out of those as you’d get with other types of bulbs such as LEDs. If you need more brightness, however, you can always replace the included bulbs with brighter ones.

Then, this fan uses a remote instead of pull chains, for a good reason we believe. Imagine, long pull chains hanging down your fans in the porch, especially if the ceiling is high. Wouldn’t look great, would it? You might think, well that’s great but wouldn’t it be difficult to manage the remote outdoors? To solve this problem, the company has provides a wall dock for the remote. You can store the remote in it when not in use. So, that is a lifesaver here.

What buyers are saying

Most buyers admired its looks. Many of them appreciated the inclusion of the wall dock for the remote as well as the quiet operation of the fan. While most said the installation was easy, some said it was a little tough. So, some prior installation experience will be helpful. Read all the reviews from the link above.

The Pros
  • Beautiful design that complements both modern and rustic décors
  • Rated for both indoors and outdoors
  • Remote control, Bond compatible
  • Lantern-inspired design complements outdoor areas especially well
  • Dimmable lights in clear glass light cover
The Cons
  • No flush mount
  • The light is a little dim

Buyers Guide for Prominence Home Ceiling Fans

Buying a Prominence Home ceiling fan is pretty much the same as buying a fan from any other brand. So, there’s no need to reiterate the buying guide here as we have done that quite a few times before. Check out the ceiling fan buying guide section of this article for example. And if you’ve got time for more, Prominence Home themselves have put up a buying guide on their blog. You can check that one too!

How We Selected The Products

First, we took almost all the Prominence Home ceiling fans (98 to be exact) into a spreadsheet. Then, we sorted out the ones that we thought were the best based on our years of experience working with ceiling fans by looking at their design, features, and most importantly, customer reviews on Amazon. Our policy dictates that we never recommend a product that is just bad and a waste of money for our readers. We, therefore, ensured that every fan we recommended, had the features necessary for its application. And if one product lacked a feature or two, we highlighted that in the cons/drawbacks sections.

And lastly, we ensured that EVERY product had an overall satisfactory custom rating. We also read the most important customer reviews to understand what areas of a certain product were liked or disliked by the buyers. And if something needed a mention such as the lacking of a certain feature, we mentioned that in the drawbacks sections. All of this, only to cut short the time you need to spend to select your next ceiling fan.


With that, here follow some frequently asked questions:

What does Hugger or Flush-mount mean in a ceiling fan?

Hug means to hug, you know. So, a Hugger ceiling fan, alternatively known as a Flush-mount ceiling fan is one that “hugs” the ceiling or stays “flushed” or closely attached to the ceiling, leaving no gap between the ceiling and the fan base by avoiding the use of a downrod. These are usually used with low ceilings, and hence, are also called Low-Profile ceiling fans.

Final Words

There you go. We have made your job easier with this guide to find the perfect fan for you, one that you can feel good about, one that hopefully you won’t have to return right after receiving the package at your doorstep. We hope that our Prominence Home ceiling fan reviews guide has been helpful to you.

Thank you for staying with us!

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