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10 Best Small Ceiling Fans – Cute Little Fans For The Small Spaces

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Looking for the best small ceiling fans for small rooms? We've got plenty of them in this review. Read on to find out a perfect fit for your small ceiling.

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One of the best methods of utilizing spaces in a home is to create small rooms. Small bedrooms can serve several alternate purposes like an ironing area or a dryer room. Individual small rooms can even function as makeshift offices.

However, as practical as these small rooms can be, without efficient cooling these rooms can become incredibly stuffy. A small ceiling fan can become very effective in cooling such rooms.

While buying the perfect fan for small-sized rooms, there are several essential things that you must consider. The most important of these things is the blade span of the fan. Typically, you should look for fans that aren’t larger than 36 inches in blade span. Another critical aspect is noise. In small rooms, a loud fan becomes almost unbearable. The lack of space makes it imperative that the fan you buy performs silently and efficiently. Additionally, smaller rooms also tend to have less room for lights. So, it’s a good idea to buy a fan that can also substitute as a lighting source.

Best Small Ceiling Fans

28" Hana Bay Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Casa Vieja Hana Bay
Rated for: indoors
Size: 28″
CFM: 2887
Buy on Amazon
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50602-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary, 30”... Honeywell Ocean Breeze
Rated for: indoors
Size: 30″
Buy on Amazon
Most Popular
Emerson Ceiling Fans CF130ORB Tilo Modern Low Profile/Hugger...
Emerson CF130ORB Tilo Modern
Rated for: indoors/outdoors
Size: 30″
CFM: 2287
Buy on Amazon
Premium Choice
Hardware House 10-4852 Dual Mount, 6 Beechwood Blades Ceiling fan...
Hardware House 10-4852
Rated for: indoors
Size: 30″
CFM: 3900
Buy on Amazon
Hunter 52090 Watson Indoor ceiling Fan with LED Light and Pull... Hunter Watson 34 inch Fan
Rated for: indoors
Size: 34″
CFM: 3516
Buy on Amazon
Another Popular
Hunter Aker Indoor with LED Light with Pull Chain Control, 36",...
Hunter Aker 36 inch Fan
Rated for: indoors
Size: 36″
Buy on Amazon
Westinghouse Lighting 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Chrome Indoor... Westinghouse 7863100 Quince
Rated for: indoors
Size: 24″
CFM: 1270
Buy on Amazon
Hampton Bay San Marino 36 in. Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan Hampton Bay San Marino
Rated for:
Size: 36″
CFM: 3200
Buy on Amazon
Best Tiny
Monte Carlo 4MC20BS Mini 20" Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain for...
Monte Carlo 4MC20BS
Rated for: indoors
Size: 20″
CFM: 1764
Buy on Amazon

Regardless of what you’re going to use the small room for, here are some of the best ceiling fans for small rooms you can buy right now.

28” Casa Vieja Hana Bay Ceiling Fan

  • Brushed nickel motor finish
  • Silver finish blades
  • 28″ blade span
  • 16 degree blade pitch
  • Lifetime motor warranty
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The first ceiling fan on our list is the 28 inch Casa Vieja Hana Bay. The fan features a brilliant brushed nickel finish that makes it stand out from other standard fans easily. The motor housing of the fan has four blades attached to it. Each blade has a silver finish, which makes the fan look incredibly high quality. The four fan blades combine to give the fan a blade span of 28 inches.

The incredibly small size in unison with the remarkable design of the fan ensures that the Casa Vieja Hana Bay is one of the best small room ceiling fans out there. Additionally, the fan is also incredibly quiet as it barely makes any noise when running. The slight slant of the blades ensures that there is no massive friction when you turn on the fan. 

The fan itself comes with a pull chain, but with a little bit of wiring you can make it work with a modern remote. Furthermore, the fan also comes with lights. The lights fit into the center of the fan and give warm natural color when turned on. The lights that come with the fan aren’t super bright though. However, you can easily go to any local hardware store and get brighter lights.

The small body of the fan and the inclusion of the lights make this fan particularly good for small rooms. The Casa Vieja Hana Bay is perfect for your small rooms, whether it be an office or a small bedroom. The price of the fan is nominal as well considering all the different features on offer.

The Good
  • High quality Nickel finish
  • Sleek design looks great
  • Quiet motor
  • Lighting is available with this fan
  • Great price
Not So Good
  • Doesn’t come with a remote
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Honeywell Ocean Breeze Contemporary Ceiling Fan

  • For indoor use only (dry rated)
  • Features contemporary design
  • Quiet, reversible motor
  • Different finish on each sides of the blades (pick the one you like)
  • Lights are available and are dimmable (up to 20%)
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The next fan on our list is the Honeywell Ocean Breeze Contemporary Ceiling Fan. This ceiling fan is slightly larger than the last one on our list. The fan comes with a blade span of 30 inches and features three angular blades. These angular blades, along with the magnificent body of the fan, help create an incredibly modern look. 

The Honeywell Ceiling Fan also has a very versatile design that will suit almost any small room you want to install it in. The colors of the fan are incredibly neutral and will complement most existing interiors. Apart from looking incredible, the fan also offers reliable performance. There are three different speeds for the fan – low, medium, and high. This small room ceiling fan has incredibly decent cooling performance as well. 

Buyers can also choose between an updraft mode or a downdraft mode depending on their preference. The Honeywell Ceiling Fans is also incredibly quiet due to the reversible motor that remains almost silent when operating. Hence, there’s no way possible the fan will be distracting. 

The blades of the fan are dual finished, which means each side of the blades will have a different color. If you ever feel like you want to change up your rooms look, you can quickly flip over and install the blades which will then have a different colour. 

Like the previous fan on the list, this Honeywell Ceiling Fan also comes with a pull cord. All the features above are perfect for a small room ceiling fan. 

Its beautiful design combined with its great performance easily makes it one of the best ceiling fans for small rooms.

The Good
  • Quiet, reversible motor
  • Dual finish reversible blades
  • Lights are available and are dimmable
  • No shaking or shivering when operating
Not So Good
  • This fan is not a remote control fan

Emerson CF130ORB Tilo Modern Low Profile Ceiling Fan

  • Low profile/hugger ceiling fan
  • Damp rated
  • 30 inch blade span
  • Four-speed wall control (sold seperately)
  • Remote control is available
  • Light kit adaptable
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If you’re a buyer looking for a ceiling fan with a bronze finish, then the Tilo Modern fan by Emerson is one of the best ceiling fans for small rooms. The fan has a 30-inch blade span, which is pretty much the average for small size fans. The Tilo Modern has an attractive bronze finish as well that will suit many interiors perfectly.

Additionally, if the room you want to fit the fan in has a low ceiling, the Tilo Modern offers a brilliant solution. The fan is mountable without using the download in rooms with lower ceilings. If the place has a higher ceiling than usual, then you can purchase accessory down rods that are longer.

The design of the fan is also exceptional, the round body featuring the two lines is quite modern and the three curved blades help create a very aesthetically good looking fan. Not only is the fan good looking, but the curved edges ensure that the fan doesn’t make a lot of noise either. When you’re looking to set up a fan in a small room, one of the most fundamental factors is the noise. Upon buying the Tilo by Emerson, you’ll face no such trouble.

Additionally, Emerson is an incredibly reliable fan company. They also provide a year-long warranty with the fan. The Tilo Modern is easily one of the best small room ceiling fans. The fan also comes with light support, and if you’re lucky, the light kit will come included. If not you can opt to purchase the Opal Light kit which you can use to install lighting into the Tilo Modern.

The Good
  • You can install it if you have a low ceiling as it is a hugger ceiling fan
  • Low electricity usage (42 watts) means it will not be harsh on your wallet
  • Despite being small in size, it moves a lot of air
  • Remote control available
  • Four-speed control gives you the pleasure of experiencing just the right amount of air
Not So Good
  • It is not a very good fit for the harsh outdoor environments as it is damp rated

Hardware House 10-4852 Dual Mount Ceiling Fan – Best Six Blade Small Fan

  • Casual contemporary design
  • Satin nickel finish and beach wood blades
  • 30 inch blade span
  • Powerful fan with six blades
  • Standard, close-up, or vaulted ceiling mounting available
  • 60 watt candelabra bulb is included in the box
  • Universal remote control adaptable
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The Hardware House 10-4852 is the first six blade ceiling fan on our list, and is overall one of the best small room ceiling fans. In spite of featuring six blades this fan still has only a 30-inch blade span. The design of this fan is one of its  most prominent aspects. It features a satin nickel finish and Beachwood blades that combine to create an exquisite looking fan.

Along with looking elegant the Hardware House Ceiling Fan also offers reliable performance. The six blades are enough to help circulate ample air in a small room easily. The room you’re installing the fan may be incredibly cramped, and this fan will still easily be sufficient. The six blades are much more efficient at circulating air than other fans on this list. 

Furthermore, the fan also has lighting options available. The default light is bright enough to light a small room dimly. However, if you’re aiming to be productive, then you’re going to need extra lighting other than what the fan provides.

There is one significant drawback to this Hardware House Ceiling Fan. When the fan is on low to medium power, you are likely to hear a distinct humming sound. The sound isn’t that annoying, but it is noticeable. If you’re looking for a completely silent fan for a small room, we recommend looking at other options in this list. 

If the Hardware House Ceiling Fan wasn’t noisy, it quickly had a stake at being somewhere at the top of this list of best small ceiling fans. Apart from the noise, it performs great and looks even better and is a solid ceiling fan for a small room.

The Good
  • Universal remote adaptable – you get the pleasure of controlling the fan from a distance
  • Six blades move a lot of air
  • Triple mounting system available
  • Can be flush mounted
  • Beautiful design with six beach wood blades and a nice looking light kit
Not So Good
  • Doesn’t give a lot of light as it uses only one bulb
  • Installation can be a bit harder than expected

Hunter Watson 34 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

  • For indoor use only
  • 34 inch blade span
  • Pull chain control available
  • WhisperWind motor means more air, less noise
  • Reversible motor (clockwise or anti-clockwise)
  • No remote in the box (can be installed separately)
Buy on Amazon

Retro furniture is amongst the most popular these days and with good reason – it looks great! More and more homeowners are becoming open to keeping retro furniture in their houses. The Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan Watson 34 inch comes from a very reputable ceiling fan brand and is a great option if you too are looking for retro interior. The fan has an entirely black Victorian body and walnut finish on the blades.

The fan has a five-blade design that helps ensure that Watson provides brilliant air flow in the room. The blades combine to give the fan a blade span of 34 inches. The fan is slightly longer than most of the others on the list. However, it’s still suitable for small rooms. 

The reversible motor of the fan is also one of the best in the small fan market. Regardless of whether you’re running the fan on high, medium, or low, the Watson will provide noiseless performance. The motor is so good you won’t hear the fan until it’s on the absolute highest setting, and even then it’s only a slight hum.

In addition to this, the fan also has several other modern features that contrast to its retro design. You can change the direction of the fan thanks to the reversible motor. Additionally, the fan also supports a light kit.

Somewhat surprisingly, the default light that comes with this plan is bright and you won’t need to find a more fluorescent light for the room. The Watson 34 inch may be slightly larger than the other fans on the list. However, it is still one of the best small room ceiling fans. 

The Good
  • Five blades move ample air
  • Can be installed without the light kit (in case you need)
  • Beautiful design complements contemporary settings
  • Quality build from a 125 year old company
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Reversible motor allows both clockwise and anti-clockwise operation
Not So Good
  • Does not come with a remote in the box (even though can be installed separately)

Hunter Aker 36 inch Indoor Ceiling Fan

  • WhisperWind motor available (more air movement, less noise)
  • Reversible motor allows for both clockwise and anti-clockwise operation
  • For indoor use only
  • Can be used with a universal remote
  • Built with beautiful design featuring three American walnut / natural wood blades and elegant-looking light kit
Buy on Amazon

The fans on this list have been gradually becoming grander. However, we will now shift our attention to a more minimalist option. The Hunter ceiling fan has a blade span of 36 inches and is definitely on the high side for small size fans.

The design may be quite simple but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth buying. The Hunter 36 inch fan looks brilliant and while setting up the fan, buyers will immediately take notice of its exceptional build quality. 

Furthermore, the Hunter 36 inch also comes with a WhisperWind motor. The WhisperWind motor helps ensure that the fan offers excellent air circulation with minimal noise. Additionally, the fan has a reversible motor allowing you to switch between the updraft and downdraft mode. When installing fans into a smaller room, one of the most important things to consider is the amount of noise it produces. In a little place, a noisy fan can be almost unbearable; however, the WhisperWind motor will always ensure the quietest performance.

Beautiful rustic ceiling fan

The fan also features a beautiful light kit underneath it. The fan’s lighting helps create a very modern aesthetic look in whatever room you place the fan. Additionally, aside from coming with a standard edition fan switch, the Hunter 36 inch is also controllable through the pull chains. The pull chains can help set speeds as well as change the direction of the fan. 

The Hunter 36 inch is easily one of the best small ceiling room fans that is available in the market.

The Good
  • Reversible motor allows for the fan to be used both in summer (anti-clockwise) and winter (clockwise)
  • WhisperWind motor means there’s almost no noise present at all when this fan operates
  • Beautiful design complements modern settings
  • Pull chains allow for quick control
  • Provides extra lighting as it comes with a light kit
  • A universal remote control can be adopted with this fan
Not So Good
  • Installation can be a more difficult than expected for some
  • Does not come with a remote in the box

Westinghouse 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Ceiling Fan – Best Looking Small Ceiling Fan

  • 24 inch blade span
  • Indoor ceiling fan
  • Opal frosted glass light kit
  • Three fan speeds (high/medium/low)
  • Two candelabra 60-bulbs are included
  • Reversible switch allows for the fan to be used both in summer and winter
  • Features bold, modern design
  • Very bright as it uses two candelabra bulbs
  • Two pull-chains, one for lights, one for the fan speed
Buy on Amazon

Most of the fans on our list are fans you’d see in everyday places. None of the choices have been too artistic or edgy. Let’s put that to bed with the Westinghouse Lighting 7863100. This fan looks more like a piece of art than a fan. 

The Westinghouse Quince features six blades around the main chassis of the body. Each blade is gorgeous and has an exceptional finish. 

In spite of its incredibly small size, the fan can quickly provide efficient cooling for any small room. While the fan is on, you’ll promptly notice air reaching all corners of the room thanks to the six blades and their angle. 

Additionally, the fan also features a particularly impressive motor. The motor is capable of managing three speeds, namely high, medium, and low. Furthermore, the fan also allows you to reverse direction when the weather changes. 

One of the coolest parts of this fan is the light in the middle. Apart from being just a fan, the large size of the fan light can help the Westinghouse Quince become a trustworthy source of lighting as well. 

Buyers will also be pleased by the lifetime warranty on the motor. Not only are you buying a fan from a well-known company, but they also provide a guarantee for the product.  If a modern and edgy ceiling fan is what you need, then this is one of the best small ceiling fans money can buy. 

The Good
  • Three fan speeds (high/medium/low)
  • Bright lighting
  • Two pull chains for easy control
  • Fix blades means the fan moves a lot of air
  • The fan features nice, clean, and modern style
Not So Good
  • Glass dome is prone to breaking easily
  • This fan does not come with a remote (but is remote control adaptable)

Monte Carlo 4MC20BS Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

  • Brushed steel finish
  • Three-speed control
  • Reversible motor for year round use
  • 20 inch blade span
  • Damp rated ceiling fan
  • Features pull chains for easy control
Buy on Amazon

Easily the tiniest small room ceiling fan on our list, the Monte Carlo Mini Ceiling fan is one of the cutest pieces of appliance you’ll ever see. It has a 20-inch blade span, and the fan will easily fit in even the smallest of rooms. 

The fan has a finely brushed steel finish that makes it look very well built. Each of the four blades features a new bit of design on them to elevate the look of the fan.  At 20 inches it would be reasonable to think that the performance of this small fan is not up to the mark. Yet, surprisingly, the mini ceiling fan has brilliant air circulation despite its small size.

The exceptional air circulation is mainly due to the motor and the angle of the blades. The blades tilt at 12-degree angle to help ensure minimum air friction. Furthermore, the motor is incredibly silent – a significant advantage when trying to fit a fan into a small room. 

Beautiful ceiling fan
Beautiful ceiling fan with lights turned on

Additionally, the fan also offers several modern features. One such feature is the ability to reverse the direction of the fan. The reversible directions allow you to use the fan in both the winters and summer. Instead of just providing cooling, the fan is capable of ensuring the circulation of warm air as well.

In spite of its very basic designs, this fan is easily amongst the best small ceiling fans. The steel body combined with the four blade design not only looks great but offers excellent performance as well.

The Good
  • Its tiny size is perfect for very narrow places
  • Light kit adaptable
  • Can be flush mounted
  • Features a beautiful design
Not So Good
  • It does not come with any remote in the box.
  • Not a good fit for outdoors

Hampton Bay San Marino 36 inch Brushed Steel Ceiling Fan

  • 36 inch blade span
  • Uses three lights
  • Standard, angled, or close-to-ceiling mounting options
  • Brushed steel finish
  • Can be installed without the light kit
  • Features sleek contemporary design
Buy on Amazon

The Hampton Bay San Marino 36 will cool your room and look great while doing it. The fan has a brushed steel finish – the secret behind its great aesthetic look. The San Marino 36 ceiling fan features five blades, and the best part is that they are reversible.

Customers can choose between two colors; Black and Rosewood. The color options are available so that you can match the fan to the existing décor in your living space. This fan sure is a looker, not only does it come with reversible blades that you can choose to your liking but it also has lights.

The fan comes with a 3-light mesh glass spotlight kit which is perfect for small spaces which don’t have enough room for a light and a fan. This spotlight kit is excellent for modernizing small spaces. You can even choose different colored lights that complement each other to turn this fan into a work of art or just you the 9-watt CFM bulbs that come with the fan. 

nice ceiling fan
Ceiling fans with light kits provide extra lighting

The fan comes with a powerful motor ensuring efficient cooling. The triple capacitor speed control allows for three different speed settings – each leading to a quieter operation. The steeper blade design allows for more significant air movement. These features make this fan top of the line in technology when it comes to ceiling fans.

The Good
  • The fan gives very bright lighting as it uses three bulbs
  • Sleek contemporary design complements modern settings
  • Its five blades move a lot of air
  • Features naked lights giving brighter lighting as opposed to frosted glass light kits
Not So Good
  • Does not come with a remote in the box

Minka-Aire F510L-WH, Spacesaver 26″ LED Ceiling Fan

  • Delivers ample air movement
  • 26 inch blade span
  • Features contemporary design
  • Even though the product listing says that the light kit is sold separately, many Amazon customers reported that the light kit came in the box, something to note…
Buy on Amazon

This F510L-WH is comes from Minka-Aire. They offer the fan in three colors: Brown, Silver, or White/Ivory. This choice of colors means that it can fit into many different homes with different decors – complementing different interiors with its colour choice options. 

The company also states that the estimated yearly energy cost of this fan is $6. In comparison, other similar fans have a yearly energy cost of roughly  $34 per year. This fan will save you money and will look good while it does so. The style of this fan is very contemporary; it’s made of metal and glass and has a glossy finish. 

The light kit, bulb, and fan blade come included in the package. However, remotes and wall controls are available separately. That is one thing to keep in mind while buying this fan. 

The Good
  • Its compact size allows for it to fit narrow spaces
  • Modern design is elegant on the eyes
  • Easy on the wallet as it runs on only 32 watts
  • 30 day replacement parts policy is available
  • Great fit for low ceilings
Not So Good
  • The fan is a bit pricey for a fan of this size
matching color ceiling fan
Ceiling fans complement room decor when installed in matching color

Final Words

There are several important aspects that buyers must consider when buying a ceiling fan for a small room. Among the most critical elements to consider are the noise, blade span, and lighting options that the fan will provide. 

While retaining all these things in mind, the fans in the list above are all great choices in their own right. Each fan is suitable for a particular need and you should hopefully find a fan in this list that fulfills your small ceiling fan needs.

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